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Programme Specification

Session: 2021/22

Last modified: 12/03/2020 09:30:03

Named Award Title:IFP International Foundation Programme (Business)

Award Title for Each Award: IFP  International Foundation Programme (Business)

Awarding Institution/Body: University of the West of Scotland
Language of Instruction & Examination: English
Award Accredited By:
Mode of Study:Full Time

School:School of Business & Creative Industries

Admission Criteria

Candidates must be able to satisfy the general admission requirements of the University of the West of Scotland as specified in Section 6 of the University Regulatory Framework together with the following programme requirements:

Other Required Qualifications/Experience

Appropriate International entry criteria (These will be detailed for each country of origin)
Age 17+
Applicants may also be considered with other academic, vocational or professional qualifications deemed to be equivalent.

English language Skills.
For students where English is not their first language or students studying the with English route the following applies:
Student with IELTS 4.5 with no component less than 4.0 need to do the 3 trimester programme.
Students with IELTS 5.0 with no component less than 4.5 need to do the 2 trimester programme

Further desirable skills pre-application

General Overview

General Overview

Aims and Objectives

Acquire and demonstrate an understanding of the foundations and basic principles of modern business.

Enable the students to develop a core skills set that will enable study at a higher education level.

Develop and demonstrate an understanding of English Language suitable to undertake undergraduate study.  


General Description of the Programme

The International Foundation Programme (Business) offers you, as a student, an opportunity to study towards a qualification which has been developed to ensure its aims are aligned with the needs of the international student market and the wider international business community. 

The Programme helps develop the range, knowledge and skills that are a prerequisite of students entering undergraduate study.

The full -time, lasts either two or three trimester depending on your English language skills.

The standard Business areas, such as Business Management, Business Sectors, HRM, Marketing, and Finance, are included in the Programme, along with English language and study skills.

The programme uses a range of teaching, learning and assessment methods which ensure the learning outcomes are achieved.

On completion of the programme, the student may choose to study at Under-Graduate level.

Employability Skills & Personal Development Planning

Across the programme of study, the Personal Development Planning (PDP) process gives the opportunity for engagement of students with a set of core activities, which include:

• reflection on personal attributes and goals;
• the identification/development of learning;
• opportunities to reflect on this material and to gain feedback;
• learning and career development (such as CVs);
• maintaining an effective PDP record.

PDP in the programme will be associated with the following core modules.

Study Skills 1


This is a Foundation programme and as such only some of the UWS graduate attributes will be embedded into the programme.

As a UWS student, once your course is complete you will be:

  • Universal - globally relevant with comprehensively applicable abilities, skills and behaviours
  • Work ready - dynamic and prepared for employment in complex, ever-changing environments which require lifelong learning and resilience
  • Successful - as a UWS student with a solid foundation on which to continue succeeding and realising my potential, across various contexts

Through studying and graduating from UWS, you will develop attributes across three dimensions:

  • Academic – knowledge, skills and abilities related to high-level academic study
  • Personal – qualities and characteristics of well-rounded, developed, responsible individuals
  • Professional – skills, aptitudes and attitudes required for professional working life in the 21st Century

The underpinning attributes are developed through the key skills and competencies you will learn as part of your programme.

Work Based Learning/Placement Details


Programme structures and requirements, SCQF level, trimester, module name and code, credits and awards (Link to Regulation 5.2.9)

Learning Outcomes (Maximum of 5 per heading)

Knowledge and Understanding

A1Demonstrate an appreciation of broad knowledge and understanding of factors impacting on business.
A2Demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of financial end economic aspects of business knowledge.
A3Develop knowledge and understanding of how business uses and manages resources

Practice - Applied Knowledge and Understanding

B1Present documentation in an acceptable manner.
B2Gather information from a variety of sources.

Communication, ICT and Numeracy Skills

C1Use a wide range of skills for the gathering of data and the presentation of ideas using a variety of standard ICT applications.
C2Convey ideas in a well-structured and coherent form.
C3Use a range of forms of communication effectively.

Generic Cognitive Skills - Problem Solving, Analysis, Evaluation

D1Develop the ability to exercise some initiative and independence in carrying out defined activities drawing conclusions and making suggested solutions.
D2Develop core skills that will enable the evaluation of problems through the use of factual, theoretical and/ or hypothetical information e and practically respond to these in solving problems.

Autonomy, Accountability and Working With Others

E1Take responsibility for carrying out a range of activities under non-directed supervision.
E2Engage in reflective learning.
E3Take responsibility for working with others in a lead role

Core Modules
SCQF Level Module CodeModule NameCreditTrimesterFootnotes
6BUSN06003Business Operations30check markcheck markcheck mark
6BUSN06001Business Organisations30check markcheck markcheck mark
6BUSN06004IT Skills10check markcheck markcheck mark
6BUSN06002Study Skills 110check markcheck markcheck mark

* Indicates that module descriptor is not published.


Optional Modules
SCQF Level Module CodeModule NameCreditTrimesterFootnotes
Business Formation   20 Credit
English for Academic Purposes level 6.1   20 Credit
English for Academic Purposes level 6.2   20 Credit
English for Academic Purposes level 6.3   20 Credit
Professional Development Project    20 Credit

* Indicates that module descriptor is not published.

Students will study either English for academic purposes level 6.2 and 6.3 or Business Formation and Professional Development project depending their exit route for the programme.

Criteria for Progression and Award

Students obtaining 120 credits at SCQF6 or above from the programme are eligible for the award of the International Foundation Programme (Business with English language) or International Foundation Programme (Business Professional Practice)

For information on progression with credit deficit please refer to University Regulations

Regulations of Assessment

Candidates will be bound by the general assessment regulations of the University as specified in section 7 of the University Regulatory Framework .

An overview of the assessment details is provided in the Student Handbook and full details of the assessment criteria for each module is provided in the module descriptor which forms part of the module pack issued to students. For further details on assessment please refer to Section 7 of the Regulatory Framework.

To qualify for an award of the University, students must complete all the programme requirements and must meet the credit minima detailed in Section 3 of the Regulatory Framework.

(Regulation 7)

(Assessment Policy)