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CEWM11001 Environmental Systems
CEWM11005 Waste Management
CEWM11006 Pollution Control
CEWM11007 Waste and Resource Mgt Masters Dissertation
CEWM11008 Clean Technology and Resource Management
CEWM11010 Principles of Sustainability
CEWM11012 Sustainability Principles
CHEM11004 MSc Science Research Project
CHEM11008 Industrial Manufacture of Fine Chemicals
CHEM11014 Sustainable & Resource-efficient formulation
COMP11001 Ethics for the IT Professional
COMP11005 Dynamic Web Applications
COMP11007 Database Design
COMP11008 Web Development
COMP11012 Oracle Database Development
COMP11013 Technologies for Business Intelligence
COMP11015 Interactive Design for Smart Devices
COMP11017 Research Design and Methods
COMP11024 Masters Project
COMP11032 Object Oriented Analysis & Design
COMP11042 Service Oriented Development
COMP11043 Business Computer Networks
COMP11051 Mobile Business Technology and Design
COMP11057 Security for the Mobile Web
COMP11058 Advanced Wireless Networking Technologies
COMP11060 Emerging Topics in Computing
COMP11061 Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications
COMP11062 Mobile Networks and Smartphone Applications
COMP11062 Mobile Networks and Smartphone Applications
COMP11068 Advanced Data Science
COMP11069 Data Mining and Visualisation
COMP11070 eHealth and Healthcare Systems
COMP11071 Intelligent Systems
COMP11075 Advanced Network Forensic Analysis
COMP11076 Advanced Network Security
COMP11077 Applied Cryptography
COMP11079 Fundamentals of Digital Forensics
COMP11080 Cyber Security Principles
COMP11081 Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
COMP11082 Incident Response
COMP11083 Individual Research Project
COMP11084 JTAG & Chip-Off Forensics
COMP11085 Law and the Expert Witness
COMP11086 Cybersecurity Law and Ethics
COMP11087 Linux Forensics Analysis
COMP11089 Malware Analysis
COMP11090 Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
COMP11093 Mobile Forensics
COMP11094 Network Penetration Testing
COMP11095 Networks and Protocols
COMP11096 Programming for Digital Forensics
COMP11097 Penetration Testing Programming
COMP11099 Threat Intelligence
COMP11102 Intrusion Analysis
COMP11103 Artificial Intelligence and Applications
COMP11104 Agile Cloud Automation
COMP11105 An Introduction to eHealth
COMP11106 Blockchain Technologies for Finance
COMP11107 Business Data Communication and Networks
COMP11108 Data Analysis and Visualisation
COMP11109 Database Design & Implementation
COMP11110 Digital Finance
COMP11111 eHealth Assessment from a Distance
COMP11112 Enterprise Architecture
COMP11113 Information Systems Analysis and Design
COMP11114 Information Technology Project Management
COMP11115 Internet and Cloud Computing
COMP11116 IT Strategy and Management
COMP11117 MSc Masters Project
COMP11118 Network Security Issues
COMP11120 Server-Side Web Development
COMP11121 Web Application Development
COMP11122 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
COMP11123 Enterprise Cybersecurity Management
COMP11124 Object Orientated Programming
COMP11125 Work Based Learning
COMP11127 AI and applications
CPDX11001 Environmental Clerk of Works Foundation
ENGG11022 Applied Finite Element Analysis
ENGG11023 MSc Dissertation (Mech Eng)
ENGG11029 MSc Dissertation (Civil EngConst Mgt)
ENGG11032 Advanced Heat Transfer
ENGG11033 Advanced Fluid Mechanics and CFD
ENGG11035 MSc Dissertation (Chem Eng)
ENGG11036 Advanced Reactor Design
ENGG11037 Process Design, Sustainability and Safety
ENGG11038 Energy and Energy Storage Systems
ENGG11039 Separation Processes
ENGG11041 Structural Integrity
ENGG11048 Aircraft Structural Analysis
ENGG11050 Group Project for MEng
ENGG11051 MEng Chemical Engineering Research Project
ENGG11052 Digital Transformation Trends in Projects
ENGG11053 Sustainable Energy Sources & Storage
ENGG11054 MSc Dissertation
ENGG11055 Advanced Heat Transfer and Energy Recovery
ENGG11056 Process Sustainability and Safety
ENGG11057 Stakeholder Management and Governance
PHYS11008 Theory of Thin Films
PHYS11009 Project Management and Research Methods
PHYS11010 Thin Film Material Science
PHYS11011 Thin Film Processes & Principles (Physical)
PHYS11012 Thin Film Processes & Principles (II, Chemica
PHYS11013 Thin Film Devices and Applications
PHYS11014 Thin Film Characterisation
PHYS11015 Advanced Thin Film Technologies Dissertation
QUAL11001 Operations & Project Mgt
QUAL11002 Statistical Quality Control
QUAL11003 Interpersonal Skills & Change Management
QUAL11008 Service Quality
QUAL11012 MSc Project
QUAL11013 Project Management Fundamentals
QUAL11015 Change Management and Leadership
QUAL11016 Case studies in Project Management
QUAL11017 Sustainability & Organisational Strategy
QUAL11019 Project Risk Management
QUAL11020 Managing Quality
QUAL11021 Projects in Practice
QUAL11023 Postgraduate Research Methods
QUAL11024 Professional Practice
QUAL11025 Risk Management
QUAL11026 Post-graduate Research Methods
QUAL11028 Sustainability & Organisational Strategy