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BIOL07020 Diversity of Life
BIOL07021 Investigation & Communication
BIOL07022 Chemistry for Environmental and Biosciences
BIOL07023 Fundamentals of Life
HLTH07001 Communication for Health and Social Care
HLTH07003 Foundations in Evidence Based Practice
HLTH07004 Foundations of Health and Social Care
LLNG07002 First Steps to Nursing
MIDW07021 Delivering Holistic Care to Women and Babies
MIDW07022 Meeting the needs of women and their families
MIDW07023 Practice Education
MIDW07024 Role of the Maternity Care Assistant
MIDW07025 Anatomy and Physiology
MIDW07026 Promoting Health and Wellbeing
MIDW07027 Professional Midwifery 1
MIDW07028 Essential Midwifery Practice
NURS07025 Extended PLE (Practice Learning Experience)
NURS07036 Applied Practice & PDP 1
NURS07037 Life Sciences
NURS07038 The ODP Profession
NURS07039 Academic Skills Development
NURS07040 Health and Human Development 1
NURS07041 Nursing in Society
NURS07042 Nursing, Health and Care
NURS07043 Community Health and Social Care
NURS07044 Exploring Mental Health
NURS07045 Understanding Self and Society
NURS07046 Values in Practice
PARA07001 Paramedic Science - Principles & Practice
PARA07003 Health & Human Development 1
PARA07005 PS Understanding Self & Society
PARA07006 Fundamentals of Paramedic Practice
PARA07007 Intro to Practice Education
PARA07008 Paramedic Placements 1
SPOR07011 Introduction to Coaching
SPOR07020 Coaching Theory & Practice 1
SPOR07021 Fundamentals of Sport & Exercise
SPOR07022 Physical Activity, Health & Fitness