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Module Descriptors

A-Z of Module Codes

This lists all the modules sorted alphabetically by Code.


Module CodeModule Title
CDAS11001CDAS Work Based Learning
CDAS11002MSc Research Dissertation CDAS
CDAS11003Drugs & Culture
CDAS11004The Politics of Drug & Alcohol Policy
CDAS11005Understanding Substance Use
CDAS11006Contemporary Responses to Substance Use
CEPS08001CEPS Summer School (10 credits)
CEPS08002CEPS Summer School (5 credits)
CEWM08001Health & Hygiene
CEWM08003Safety Technology
CEWM08004Working Environment
CEWM08005The Management of Risk
CEWM08006Legislative Framework
CEWM08007Environmental Protection
CEWM08008Managing Risks in Business
CEWM08009Waste Industry - Compliance and Planning
CEWM08010Waste Industry - Legislation and Licencing
CEWM09001Safety Case Study
CEWM09002Safety Management Skills
CEWM09003Managing Health & Safety
CEWM09004Environmental Responsibilities
CEWM09005Managing Business Risks
CEWM09008Environmental Protection and Health
CEWM09009SHE Work Related Learning
CEWM09010Food Inspection and Food Safety
CEWM09011Environmental Health Professional Practice 1
CEWM10001Control of Pollution
CEWM10004Safety, Health, Environment Honours Project
CEWM10005Health and Wellbeing
CEWM10006Honours Project (Safety, Health, Environment)
CEWM10007Environmental Health Professional Practice 2
CEWM11001Environmental Systems
CEWM11005Waste Management
CEWM11006Pollution Control
CEWM11007Waste and Resource Mgt Masters Dissertation
CEWM11008Clean Technology and Resource Management
CEWM11010Principles of Sustainability
CEWM11011Net Zero and carbon management
CGAD11001Ethical & Inclusive Practice (CGD)
CGAD11002Professional Practice (CGD)
CGAD11003Advanced Practice (CGD)
CGAD11005The Contemporary Labour Market (CGD)
CGAD11006Career Related Policy
CGAD11007Career Development Theory
CGAD11008Masters Dissertation (CGD)
CHEM00001Sandwich Placement: Chemistry
CHEM07003Structure of Chemistry
CHEM07006Science & Crime
CHEM07009Scientific Investigation
CHEM07011Chemistry & Reactions
CHEM07013Molecules of Life
CHEM08001Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM08002Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM08003Inorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM08004Chemical Analysis & Evaluation
CHEM08005Science Independent Study
CHEM08007Evaluating Forensic Evidence
CHEM08009Analytical Measurement
CHEM08013Chemical Laboratory Techniques
CHEM08015Pharmacology, drugs & behaviour.
CHEM08016Introductory Forensic Science
CHEM08017Forensic Genetics
CHEM09001Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM09002Analytical Chemistry
CHEM09003Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM09004Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM09005Safety, Health, Env Protection
CHEM09008Trace Evidence & Microscopy
CHEM09009Forensic Laboratory Techniques
CHEM09011Fires & Explosives
CHEM09023Designer Drugs
CHEM09024Forensic Toxicology
CHEM10001Science Project
CHEM10002Advanced Analytical Techniques
CHEM10003Organic Chemistry 4
CHEM10004Physical & Inorganic Chemistry 4
CHEM10008Forensic Evidence
CHEM10010Forensic Biology
CHEM10018Drugs and Human Interactions
CHEM10019Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Project
CHEM11004MSc Science Research Project
CHEM11008Industrial Manufacture of Fine Chemicals
CHEM11014Sustainable & Resource-efficient formulation
CMPG11002Creative Industries: Professional Practice
CMPG11003Collaborative Project
CMPG11004Applied Creative Contexts
CMPG11005Research: Critical Development
CMPG11006Creative Media Practice
CMPG11007Masters Creative Project
CMPG11009Creative Writing 1
CMPG11012Creative Lives
CMPG11013Creative Portfolio
COMP00001Sandwich Placement: Computing
COMP07007Computer Music
COMP07009Introduction to Web Development
COMP07010Introduction to Computer Animation
COMP070112D Computer Animation
COMP07012CCNA1: Introduction to Networks
COMP07013Design for Interaction
COMP07027Introduction to Programming
COMP07028Intro to Games Development
COMP07052Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement
COMP07061Computing Systems
COMP07063Business Technology and Enterprise
COMP07065Audio For Broadcast
COMP07067Professional Development in Computing
COMP07068Recording and Production 1
COMP07070Programming with Objects
COMP07071The Creative Computing Professional
COMP07073Drawing for Animation
COMP07074Visual Storytelling (20 point)
COMP07075Security Fundamentals
COMP07076Music Production Analysis
COMP07079Object Oriented Programming Part 1
COMP07080Object Oriented Programming Part 2
COMP07081Retro-Games Archaeology
COMP08002Database Development
COMP08009Electronic Music
COMP080133D Asset Production 1
COMP08033Object Oriented Analysis
COMP08034Structures & Algorithms
COMP08035Computer Games Design
COMP08052Audio Post-Production
COMP08053WBL 2 - Group Project (20 point)
COMP080593D Computer Animation
COMP08064Recording and Production 2
COMP08065Live Sound Production
COMP08068Programming for Mobile Devices
COMP08074Operating Systems
COMP08077Digital Asset Development
COMP08079Game Engine 1
COMP08081Independent Study Project (L8 Computing)
COMP08086Social Media for Business
COMP08088Creative Animation
COMP08089Art for Animation 1
COMP08090Digital Film Making
COMP08091Software Development for Games
COMP08092Level Design
COMP08094Ethical Hacking: Tools & Techniques
COMP08096Retro Games Archaeology
COMP08097CCNA2 Switching Routing & Wireless Essentials
COMP08098CCNA3 Enterpr Networks, Security & Automation
COMP08099Applied Maths for Games and User Research
COMP08100Linux: Tools and Administration
COMP08101Programming for Cyber Security
COMP08102Sound System Design
COMP09001Business Systems Analysis
COMP09003Business Intelligence (Comp)
COMP09006Web Site Development
COMP09007Project Management for IT
COMP09008Audio Visual Integration
COMP09010Audio Signal Processing
COMP09020Internet Scripting
COMP09022Data Communications and Networks
COMP09023Web Server Technology
COMP09024Unix System Administration
COMP09025Computer Animation Techniques
COMP090273D Asset Production 2
COMP09028Animation Project
COMP09032Music Technology Project
COMP09041AI Programming for Games
COMP09044Algorithms & Collections
COMP09049Study Project - Computing
COMP09050Database Applications
COMP09061Professional Studio Practice
COMP09075Placement Learning
COMP09078Advanced Programming for Mobile Devices
COMP09086Information Security Management
COMP09089Windows Server Administration
COMP09090JavaScript Games: Programming Fundamentals
COMP09091Music and Media Industries
COMP09092Research Methods in Computing
COMP09093Professional Computing Practice
COMP09096Creative Technologies Professionalism
COMP09097Games Development Project
COMP09100Advanced Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
COMP09101Art for Animation 2
COMP09102Visual Effects (L9)
COMP09103Animation History
COMP09104Immersive Audio
COMP09105Game Engine 2
COMP09107Digital Forensic Analysis
COMP09109Web Application Security Testing
COMP09110Python for Network Engineers
COMP09111Systems Programming Concepts
COMP09113Game User Research
COMP09114Games Development Portfolio Project
COMP09115CCNA1/2: Networks, Routing, Switching & WLANs
COMP09116CCNA: CyberOps
COMP10002Data Warehouse Environment
COMP10003Strategic Management and Information Systems
COMP10006Music Technology Major Project
COMP10007Audio Mastering
COMP10008Adv Audio Signal Processing
COMP10009Computer Games Audio
COMP10010Serious Games
COMP10013Dynamic Web Technologies
COMP10014Network Security
COMP10015Server Side Systems
COMP10020Internet Technologies
COMP10023Wireless Networking
COMP10025Animation Studio Production
COMP10034Computing Honours Project
COMP10037Games Console Programming
COMP10056Audio for Film & Animation
COMP10057JavaScript Games: Programming Design
COMP10062Decision Support Systems
COMP10066HCI & User Experience Design (UXD)
COMP10067Professional Portfolio Production
COMP10068Secure Programming
COMP10070Network Management, Monitoring and Automation
COMP10071Computer Animation Arts 4 Project
COMP10072Advanced Topics in Animation
COMP10073Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis
COMP10075Governance, Risk & Compliance
COMP10076Group Research Project
COMP10078CCNA: Cyber Ops
COMP10079Computer Games Honours Project
COMP10080Immersive Experiences Design
COMP10081Solving eHealth challenges: IoT, AI and Ethic
COMP10082Machine Learning for Data Analytics
COMP10083Immersive Experiences Implementation
COMP11001Ethics for the IT Professional
COMP11005Dynamic Web Applications
COMP11007Database Design
COMP11008Web Development
COMP11012Oracle Database Development
COMP11013Technologies for Business Intelligence
COMP11015Interactive Design for Smart Devices
COMP11017Research Design and Methods
COMP11024Masters Project
COMP11032Object Oriented Analysis & Design
COMP11042Service Oriented Development
COMP11043Business Computer Networks
COMP11051Mobile Business Technology and Design
COMP11057Security for the Mobile Web
COMP11058Advanced Wireless Networking Technologies
COMP11060Emerging Topics in Computing
COMP11061Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications
COMP11062Mobile Networks and Smartphone Applications
COMP11068Advanced Data Science
COMP11069Data Mining and Visualisation
COMP11070eHealth and Healthcare Systems
COMP11071Intelligent Systems
COMP11074Advanced Mobile Forensics
COMP11075Advanced Network Forensic Analysis
COMP11076Advanced Network Security
COMP11077Applied Cryptography
COMP11078Big Data Forensics
COMP11079Fundamentals of Digital Forensics
COMP11080Cyber Security Principles
COMP11081Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
COMP11082Incident Response
COMP11083Individual Research Project
COMP11084JTAG & Chip-Off Forensics
COMP11085Law and the Expert Witness
COMP11086Cyber Security: Law and Ethics
COMP11087Linux Forensics Analysis
COMP11088macOS Forensic Analysis
COMP11089Malware Analysis
COMP11090Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering
COMP11091Memory Forensics
COMP11092Mobile Application Security Testing
COMP11093Mobile Forensics
COMP11094Network Penetration Testing
COMP11095Networks and Protocols
COMP11096Programming for Digital Forensics
COMP11097Penetration Testing Programming
COMP11099Threat Intelligence
COMP11100Web Application Penetration Testing
COMP11101Wireless Security Testing
COMP11102Intrusion Analysis
COMP11103Artificial Intelligence and Applications
CPDX11001Environmental Clerk of Works Foundation
CRIM07001History of Crime & Justice
CRIM07002Scottish Criminal Justice
CRIM07004Scottish Criminal Law
CRIM07005Criminal Behaviour & Deviance
CRIM08002Criminology Foundations
CRIM08007Deconstructing Crime & Criminality
CRIM08008Introduction to Policing
CRIM08011Crime, Media & Culture
CRIM09005Penology & Prisons
CRIM09007Youth Justice
CRIM09019Youth & Gang Violence
CRIM09020Criminal Careers
CRIM09021Contemporary Studies in Criminal Justice
CRIM09023Policing Communities
CRIM09024Crime Investigation
CRIM10003Comparative Justice
CRIM10004Criminal Justice Dissertation
CRIM10005Security in a Global Age
CRIM10009Crime as Social Harm
CRIM10010Working in Criminal Justice

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