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Module Descriptors

A-Z of Module Codes

This lists all the modules sorted alphabetically by Code.


Module CodeModule Title
ECON07003Business Economics
ECON08005Global Macroeconomic Policies
ECON09008Managerial Economics
EDUC07036Observation, Assessment and Reflection
EDUC07037Working in a Team
EDUC07038GA Intro Early Childhood Philosophy&Practice
EDUC07039GA WBL - Supporting Practice in a Team
EDUC07040Children's Holistic Learning and Development
EDUC07041Health Wellbeing Promotion and Safeguarding
EDUC07042My GA Study - Academic Skills
EDUC08001Children's Learning Pre-Birth to 6
EDUC08003Ethics and Justice in Childhood
EDUC08004Leadership Issues
EDUC08005Communication in Early Years
EDUC08006Supporting Health & Wellbeing
EDUC08039GA Leading Learning in Science & Mathematics
EDUC08040GA WBL Implementing Practice in a Team
EDUC08041Communication and Literacy in the Early Years
EDUC08042Facilitating Children's Play and Pedagogy
EDUC08043My GA Reflexive Practice
EDUC08044Ethics and Social Justice in the Early Years
EDUC08045Science, Numeracy and Mathematics in EY
EDUC08046Children's Holistic Wellbeing
EDUC09001Management Issues
EDUC09002Language & Communication
EDUC09005Creativity in the Curriculum
EDUC09006Promoting Learning
EDUC09019Reflective Planning
EDUC09020Leading Learning
EDUC09021Leadership and Management
EDUC09022Leading to Collaborate
EDUC09048School & Professional Studies (L9)
EDUC09051Practitioner-based Research and Enquiry
EDUC09052Children's Voice
EDUC09053GA WBL Leading Learning in Practice
EDUC09054Creativity Across the Curriculum
EDUC09056The Team Around the Child
EDUC09057Family Pedagogy
EDUC09058Practitioner Enquiry: Early Years
EDUC10027PGDE (P) Primary Curriculum
EDUC10028PGDE (P) School Experience
EDUC10029PGDE (S) Subject Studies
EDUC10030PGDE (S) Subject Studies (Dual)
EDUC10031PGDE (S) School Experience
EDUC10032PGDE School & Professional Studies
EDUC10034Supporting Professional Development
EDUC10035Play and Pedagogy 0-16
EDUC10036Honours Dissertation
EDUC10037Current Childhood Policy and Practice
EDUC10041Inter-Professional Practices
EDUC10042Advanced Practice (CS)
EDUC10049Secondary School Experience
EDUC10050Secondary STEM Subject Studies
EDUC10051STEM Work Based Learning
EDUC11008Inclusive Practice
EDUC11047Artist Teacher Dissertation
EDUC11064Masters Dissertation
EDUC11065Leadership - Vision and Values
EDUC11067Educational Research
EDUC11068Autism Spectrum
EDUC11081Mental Health in Education
EDUC11082Stress Management in Education
EDUC11085Contextualising Coaching and Mentoring
EDUC11086Critical self-evaluation and development
EDUC11087Situated Professional Learning
EDUC11090PGDE School & Professional Studies (L11)
EDUC11094Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
EDUC11095Early Years Pedagogy
EDUC11098Participation and Children's Rights
EDUC11099Aspects of Learning in Primary PE
EDUC11100Developing Quality Physical Education
EDUC11101Pedagogy of Primary Physical Education
EDUC11117Health and Well-being across Learning
EDUC11118Literacy across Learning
EDUC11119Numeracy across Learning
EDUC11121Approaches to effective learning and teaching
EDUC11125Supporting Professional Development Level 11
EDUC11128Assessment for Learning
EDUC11131Citizenship and Holocaust Education
EDUC11132Leadership - 'School' Improvement
EDUC11140Online Pedagogy in Higher Education
EDUC11141Leadership - Working with Teams
EDUC11142Expressive Arts Practice
EDUC11143Creativity Across Learning
EDUC11144Creative Pedagogies
EDUC11145Critical Issues Across Education
EDUC11147Early Language and Cognition
EDUC12001Critical Professional Reflection
EDUC12002Research Theory and Design
EDUC12003Situated Professional Inquiry
ENGG00001Sandwich Placement: Engineering
ENGG07001Engineering Mechanics
ENGG07002Applied Engineering Science
ENGG07003Engineering Industry
ENGG07004Technical Communications
ENGG07007Stress Strain & Struct Design
ENGG07011Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
ENGG07016Programming for Engineers
ENGG07017WBL1: Introduction to Engineering
ENGG08001Materials & Manufacture
ENGG08002Computer Aided Design CAD
ENGG08011Design of Structural Elements
ENGG08013Sustainable Construction
ENGG08015Digital Surveying & Field Experience
ENGG08016Civil Engineering Materials
ENGG08017Design Analysis 1
ENGG08021Introduction to Thermo-Fluids
ENGG08022Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
ENGG08024Process Modelling and Simulation
ENGG08028Fluids and Aerodynamics
ENGG08029Thermodynamics and Aircraft Propulsion
ENGG08030Introductory Management for Engineers
ENGG09001Design Prototyping & Testing
ENGG09004Project Management
ENGG09006Engineering Management 1
ENGG09007Project Tool Box
ENGG09008H&S and Risk Assessment
ENGG09011Analysis & Simulation 1
ENGG09013Structural Engineering 1
ENGG09014Water Resources Engineering
ENGG09015Construction & Structural Engineering 2
ENGG09016Applied Soil Mechanics
ENGG09017Group Project - Interact
ENGG09018Independent Study
ENGG09019Applied Intelligent Systems
ENGG09020Design Analysis 2
ENGG09021Design & Applications
ENGG09025Visualisation Techniques
ENGG09027Aircraft Design and Performance
ENGG09028Aircraft Design, Modelling & Analysis
ENGG09030Workplace Learning (Mech.)
ENGG09036Process Design, Control and Safety
ENGG09037Chemical Process Principles
ENGG09038Unit Operations 1
ENGG09040Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
ENGG09049Computer Aided Process Analysis and Design
ENGG09050WBL 3: Project Management
ENGG09051Product design and data management
ENGG09053Biochemical and Environmental Engineering
ENGG10001Final Year Project
ENGG10007Advanced Project Management
ENGG10008Engineering Management 2
ENGG10010Manufacturing Systems Engineering
ENGG10012Civil Engineering Honours Project
ENGG10013Structural Engineering 3
ENGG10014Ground and Highway Engineering
ENGG10015Modern Practice in Construction Management
ENGG10016Adv Construction Materials
ENGG10018Advanced Computer Aided Design
ENGG10019Analysis & Simulation 2
ENGG10020Design Analysis 3
ENGG10021Composite Structures
ENGG10024Computer Aided Manufacture CAM
ENGG10027Advanced Aerodynamics
ENGG10031Chemical Engineering Design Study
ENGG10032Unit Operations 2
ENGG10033Chemical Reactor Engineering
ENGG10038Model Aircraft Design Group Project
ENGG10041GA-Structural Engineering 2
ENGG10042WBL 4 - Applied research project
ENGG10044Process Dynamics and Control
ENGG10045Thermal Systems Analysis and Design
ENGG10084Energy Systems Analysis and Design
ENGG11021Applied Finite Element Analysis-Linear
ENGG11022Applied Finite Element Analysis
ENGG11023MSc Dissertation (Mech Eng)
ENGG11025Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
ENGG11026Adv Materials for Sustainable Construction
ENGG11027Advanced Structural Analysis
ENGG11028Civil Engineering Project Design
ENGG11029MSc Dissertation (Civil Eng/Const Mgt)
ENGG11031Project Management (Engineering - B)
ENGG11032Advanced Heat Transfer and Energy Recovery
ENGG11033Advanced Fluid Mechanics and CFD
ENGG11035MSc Dissertation (Chem Eng)
ENGG11036Advanced Reactor Design
ENGG11037Process Design, Sustainability and Safety
ENGG11038Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems
ENGG11039Separation Processes
ENGG11040Project Scheme Design
ENGG11041Structural Integrity
ENGG11048Aircraft Structural Analysis
ENGG11050Group Project for MEng
ENGG11051M Eng Chemical Engineering Research Project
ENGG11052Digital transformation trends in projects
ENGG11053Sustainable Energy: Sources & Storage
ENGL07003Business English 1.1
ENGL09001Business English 3.1
ENGL09002Business English 3.2
ENGL09003Advanced English 1
ENGL09004Advanced English 2
ENGL09005English for Academic Purposes (Level 9)
ENGL09007English for Academic Purposes (L9, 10 credit)
ENGL10003General Academic English Proficiency 1
ENGL10004General Academic English Proficiency 2

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