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Module Descriptors

A-Z of Module Codes

This lists all the modules sorted alphabetically by Code.


Module CodeModule Title
NURS07025Extended PLE (Practice Learning Experience)
NURS07036Applied Practice & PDP 1
NURS07037Life Sciences
NURS07038The ODP Profession
NURS07039Academic Skills Development
NURS07040Health & Human Development 1
NURS07041Nursing in Society
NURS07042Nursing, Health and Care
NURS07043Community Health & Social Care
NURS07044Exploring Mental Health
NURS07045Understanding Self and Society
NURS07046Values in Practice
NURS08036Dimensions of Health and Social Welfare
NURS08037Integrating Health and Social Care
NURS08039Politics and Policy in Health & Social Care
NURS08040Work related Learning 1
NURS08041Assessment and Enablement
NURS08052Anaesthesia & Medicine Management
NURS08053Applied Practice & PDP 2
NURS08054ODP Care of the Vulnerable Person
NURS08055Providing skilled personalised dementia care
NURS08056Building Healthy Communities
NURS08057Health & Human Development 2
NURS08058Promoting Positive Outcomes
NURS08059Resilience in Healthcare
NURS08060Partnerships in Mental Health
NURS08061Promoting Mental Health
NURS09002Critical Research Appraisal
NURS09030Infection Control in Practice
NURS09122Pain Management
NURS09145Quality Improvement & Safety in Care
NURS09155Clinical Assessment
NURS09164Diabetes Management
NURS09165Therapeutic Communication
NURS09167Contemporary Issues in Health & Social Care
NURS09169Work related learning 2
NURS09171Fitness For Practice
NURS09176Investigative Enquiry
NURS09177Long Term Condition Management
NURS09179Supporting People Facing Loss
NURS09201Interventions and strategies
NURS09202Risk assessment and management approaches
NURS09203Theory of Personality Disorder
NURS09205An Introduction to Palliative Care
NURS09207Essentials of Cancer Care
NURS09208Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Administration
NURS09210Tissue Viability and Wound Care
NURS09213Positive Practice in Advanced Dementia Care.
NURS09214Obesity, Weight Management and Lifestyle
NURS09215Consolidation of Practice SCQF Level 9
NURS09216Contemporary Occupational Health SCQF level 9
NURS09217Managing Risk in OH Practice SCQF Level 9
NURS09218Critical Appraisal of Care
NURS09220The Principles of Haematology
NURS09222Quality and Leadership
NURS09223NMC Critical Research Appraisal
NURS09224Healthcare Practice:Leadership and Management
NURS09225Skills for Holistic Healthcare Practice
NURS09226The Principles of Quality Healthcare Practice
NURS09227Professionalism in Health and Social Care
NURS09228The Proactive Learner
NURS09229Essentials of Dementia Care
NURS09230Community Nurse Prescribing V150
NURS09231Independent and Supplementary Prescribing L9
NURS09232Leadership in Healthcare
NURS09233Managing Complex Needs
NURS09234Evidence Led Enquiry
NURS09235Leadership in Mental Health
NURS09236Managing Mental Health
NURS09237The Context of Integration
NURS10010Effective Teaching in Practice
NURS10011eHealth:Assessment from a Distance
NURS10014Leadership in Health and Social Care
NURS10019Nursing Issues and Trends
NURS10024The Honours Dissertation
NURS10028Improving Population Health L10
NURS10029Work Related Learning 3
NURS10030NMC Leadership in Health and Social Care
NURS10032Contemporary Integrated Community Nursing
NURS10033Improving Assessment & Professional Practice
NURS10035Integrated Community Nursing WBL
NURS11001Child Protection in Context
NURS11002Protecting Children
NURS11003Child Protection Practice
NURS11009Social Marketing in Health
NURS11010MSc Dissertation (HLS)
NURS11012Independent Study (HSCE)
NURS11017Leadership For Effectiveness
NURS11018Dementia Care Principles
NURS11025Contemporary Cancer & Palliative Care
NURS11036Psychosocial Concerns in Serious Illness
NURS11049Quality Improvement in Healthcare
NURS11064Delivering Compassionate Care
NURS11086Complexities of Pain
NURS11094Frailty in Later Life
NURS11097Contemporary Health Visiting
NURS11098Safeguard Children, Enable Families
NURS11103Role Development in Nursing
NURS11105Consolidation of Practice
NURS11109Applying CBT with Anxiety and Depression
NURS11110CBT Enhanced Skills and Treatment Models
NURS11111CBT for Chronic and Complex Disorders
NURS11112CBT Models and Core Therapeutic Competences
NURS11113CBT Science Ethics and Personal Development
NURS11114CBT Strategies Skills and Interventions
NURS11116Core Values in Mental Health Practice
NURS11117The Supervisory Process
NURS11118Education for Mental Health
NURS11119Therapeutic Skills for Mental Health
NURS11120Changing Mental Health Services
NURS11121Independent Study: Mental Health
NURS11122Leadership For Mental Health
NURS11124Global Health Economics & Health Systems
NURS11125Achieving change in advanced dementia care
NURS11127Contemporary advanced dementia care
NURS11128Rights, risks & ethics in advanced dementia
NURS11129Introduction to eHealth
NURS11130Contemporary School Nursing
NURS11131Enhancing Wellbeing in Children &Young People
NURS11133Assessment and Decision making in Adv Pract.
NURS11135Drugs and Alcohol
NURS11136Forensic Risk Assessment and Risk Management
NURS11137Forensic Treatments and Interventions
NURS11138Managing Mental Health through the CJS
NURS11139Mental Disorder and the Law
NURS11140Problem Behaviours
NURS11141Advanced Clinical Practice
NURS11142Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology in Ad
NURS11144Leading and Transforming Together
NURS11145Creating the Conditions for Integrated Care
NURS11146People and communities
NURS11147Value for People, Professionals,Organisations
NURS11148NMC Assessment & Decision Making in Adv Pract
NURS11149NMC Leadership for Effectiveness
NURS11150NMC Responding to Public Health Challenges
NURS11151Assessment of Capacity
NURS11153Independent and Supplementary Prescribing L11
NURS11154Integrated Human Development
NURS11155Managing Holistic Care
NURS11156Resilience in Health
NURS11157Self, Society and Nursing
NURS11158Health and Society
NURS11159Managing Mental Health Care
NURS11160Research and Practice

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