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Module Descriptors

A-Z of Module Titles

This lists all the modules sorted alphabetically by Title.


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Module CodeModule Title
MATH09013 Abstract Algebra
NURS07039 Academic Skills Development
ACCT11010 Accountancy & Finance for Int Managers
ACCT07003 Accountancy Today
ACCT07002 Accountant in Business
LNDN07001 Accounting & Finance for Business
LNDN11001 Accounting for Performance and Control
NURS11125 Achieving change in advanced dementia care
COMP07052 Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement
BACE10002 Activating Collaborative Practices
BACE08001 Activism In Communities
SPOR10040 Adapted & Inclusive Sport & Physical Activity
POAB11001 Addiction Psychology Dissertation
COMP10008 Adv Audio Signal Processing
ENGG10016 Adv Construction Materials
ENGG11026 Adv Materials for Sustainable Construction
ENGG10027 Advanced Aerodynamics
CHEM10002 Advanced Analytical Techniques
MATH09002 Advanced Calculus
NURS11141 Advanced Clinical Practice
LAWW10011 Advanced Company Law
ENGG10018 Advanced Computer Aided Design
COMP11068 Advanced Data Science
COMP10073 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis
FILM11001 Advanced Documentary Film Practice
ENGL09003 Advanced English 1
ENGL09004 Advanced English 2
FILM11002 Advanced Fiction Film Practice
ACCT11027 Advanced Financial Functions
ACCT09001 Advanced Financial Management
ENGG11033 Advanced Fluid Mechanics and CFD
ENGG11025 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
ENGG11032 Advanced Heat Transfer and Energy Recovery
BIOL11025 Advanced Laboratory Techniques
LAWW10017 Advanced Law of Obligations
JOUR09003 Advanced Magazine Journalism
ACCT11026 Advanced Management Accounting
COMP11074 Advanced Mobile Forensics
MUSC09013 Advanced Music Production
COMP11075 Advanced Network Forensic Analysis
COMP11076 Advanced Network Security
PHYS09001 Advanced Optics
SPOR10041 Advanced Physical Education
BACE10001 Advanced Policy and Community Practices
CGAD11003 Advanced Practice (CGD)
EDUC10042 Advanced Practice (CS)
COMP09078 Advanced Programming for Mobile Devices
ENGG10007 Advanced Project Management
LAWW10024 Advanced Public Law
ENGG11036 Advanced Reactor Design
TOUR08010 Advanced Risk Management in Events
SWRK09007 Advanced Skills: Practice Simulation
PSYC11006 Advanced Social Psychology
MUSC09019 Advanced Songwriting & Performance
ENGG11027 Advanced Structural Analysis
COMP09100 Advanced Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
PHYS11015 Advanced Thin Film Technologies Dissertation
COMP10072 Advanced Topics in Animation
COMP11058 Advanced Wireless Networking Technologies
BIOL10028 Advancements in Forensic Biology
ENGG11049 Aeroelasticity
COMP09041 AI Programming for Games
ENGG07011 Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
ENGG09027 Aircraft Design and Performance
ENGG09028 Aircraft Design, Modelling & Analysis
ENGG11048 Aircraft Structural Analysis
COMP09044 Algorithms & Collections
PLTC09019 American Politics & Policy
BROA10002 American TV
NURS09205 An Introduction to Palliative Care
NURS08052 Anaesthesia & Medicine Management
MUSC11022 Analysing Creativity (20 Credit)
LING10002 Analysing Discourse
ENGG09011 Analysis & Simulation 1
ENGG10019 Analysis & Simulation 2
MIDW10012 Analysis of Anatomy and Physiology
MIDW11035 Analysis of Complex Clinical Practice
CHEM09002 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM08009 Analytical Measurement
BUSN11079 Analytical Thinking and Decision Making
MIDW07025 Anatomy and Physiology
NURS11142 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology in Ad
BIOL09007 Animal Behaviour
BIOL09008 Animal Diversity
COMP09103 Animation History
COMP09028 Animation Project
COMP10025 Animation Studio Production
PHYS10012 Applications of Nuclear Physics
BIOL10004 Applied Aquatic Ecology
SPOR11015 Applied Coaching Project
CMPG11004 Applied Creative Contexts
SSPG11009 Applied Criminal Justice
BACE09001 Applied Critical Pedagogy
COMP11077 Applied Cryptography
PSYC10021 Applied Cyberpsychology
ENGG07002 Applied Engineering Science
SPOR10024 Applied Exercise Physiology
ENGG11022 Applied Finite Element Analysis
ENGG11021 Applied Finite Element Analysis-Linear
ENGG09019 Applied Intelligent Systems
SWPG11001 Applied Law for Social Work Practice
LING11001 Applied Linguistics
COMP08099 Applied Maths for Games and User Research
BIOL09005 Applied Microbiology
PHYS09010 Applied Nuclear Technology
NURS07036 Applied Practice & PDP 1
NURS08053 Applied Practice & PDP 2
POAB11006 Applied Psychology Internship
SSPG11007 Applied Research Methods in Social Sciences
ENGG09016 Applied Soil Mechanics
SPOR10042 Applied Sport Biomechanics
SPOR10019 Applied Sport Psychology
NURS11109 Applying CBT with Anxiety and Depression
PSYC07009 Applying Psychology
PSYC09015 Applying Psychology Methods
MIDW11032 Appraising Complex Midwifery
EDUC11121 Approaches to effective learning and teaching
PERF09016 Approaching Performance Research
COMP08089 Art for Animation 1
COMP09101 Art for Animation 2
SOCY09059 Art, Culture and Society
COMP11103 Artificial Intelligence and Applications
EDUC11047 Artist Teacher Dissertation
DAAD08010 Arts for Communities
FILM10001 Asian Cinema
EDUC11099 Aspects of Learning in Primary PE
LNDN10010 Aspiring Futures
SWRK08007 Assessing Need & Risk
NURS11133 Assessment and Decision making in Adv Pract.
NURS08041 Assessment and Enablement
EDUC11128 Assessment for Learning
NURS11151 Assessment of Capacity
PHYS09011 Atoms & Nuclei
PSYC10019 Atypical Child Development
COMP07065 Audio For Broadcast
COMP10056 Audio for Film & Animation
COMP10007 Audio Mastering
MUSC09016 Audio Post Production Techniques
COMP08052 Audio Post-Production
COMP09010 Audio Signal Processing
COMP09008 Audio Visual Integration
DAAD10005 Audiovisual Art
LNDN11002 Audit, Ethics and Corporate Governance
ACCT09002 Auditing
EDUC11068 Autism Spectrum

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