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Module Descriptors

A-Z of Module Titles

This lists all the modules sorted alphabetically by Title.


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Module CodeModule Title
BACE07002 C Ed Practice Learning 1
BACE08003 C Ed Practice Learning 2
BACE09002 C Ed Practice Learning 3
UGED09009 CA of Health & Wellbeing Teaching
UGED09010 CA of Inclusive Education
UGED09003 CA of Language Teaching
UGED09002 CA of Literacy Teaching
UGED09005 CA of Mathematics Teaching
UGED09006 CA of Science Teaching
SOCY09036 Capitalism, Culture and Celebrity
CGAD11007 Career Development Theory
CGAD11006 Career Related Policy
QUAL11016 Case Studies in Project Management
NURS11110 CBT Enhanced Skills and Treatment Models
NURS11111 CBT for Chronic and Complex Disorders
NURS11112 CBT Models and Core Therapeutic Competences
NURS11113 CBT Science Ethics and Personal Development
NURS11114 CBT Strategies Skills and Interventions
COMP10078 CCNA: Cyber Ops
COMP09116 CCNA: CyberOps
COMP09115 CCNA1/2: Networks, Routing, Switching & WLANs
COMP07012 CCNA1: Introduction to Networks
COMP08097 CCNA2 Switching Routing & Wireless Essentials
COMP08098 CCNA3 Enterpr Networks, Security & Automation
CDAS11001 CDAS Work Based Learning
BACE10006 CEd Practice Research Dissertation
BIOL08005 Cells & Sugars
CEPS08001 CEPS Summer School (10 credits)
CEPS08002 CEPS Summer School (5 credits)
BUSN10055 Change Management
QUAL11015 Change Management and Leadership
NURS11120 Changing Mental Health Services
THEO07021 Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care
CHEM08004 Chemical Analysis & Evaluation
ENGG10031 Chemical Engineering Design Study
ENGG08022 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
CHEM08013 Chemical Laboratory Techniques
ENGG09037 Chemical Process Principles
ENGG10033 Chemical Reactor Engineering
CHEM07011 Chemistry & Reactions
PSYC09007 Child Development
NURS11001 Child Protection in Context
NURS11003 Child Protection Practice
EDUC07040 Children's Holistic Learning and Development
EDUC08046 Children's Holistic Wellbeing
EDUC08001 Children's Learning Pre-Birth to 6
UGED08001 Children's Literature
EDUC09052 Children's Voice
THEO07014 Christian Leadership L7
THEO08013 Christian Leadership L8
THEO09024 Christian Leadership L9
THEO07020 Christian Worship: Theology and Practice L7
THEO08019 Christian Worship: Theology and Practice L8
THEO09027 Christian Worship: Theology and Practice L9
THEO07001 Church History Turning Points L7
THEO08011 Church History Turning Points L8
FILM07002 Cinema Aesthetics
FILM08005 Cinematic Creativity
EDUC11131 Citizenship and Holocaust Education
ENGG10012 Civil Engineering Honours Project
ENGG08016 Civil Engineering Materials
ENGG11028 Civil Engineering Project Design
PHYS08007 Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity
CEWM11008 Clean Technology and Resource Management
NURS09155 Clinical Assessment
SPOR10043 Clinical Exercise Physiology
BIOL10018 Clinical Genetics
BIOL10008 Clinical Immunology
MIDW11010 Clinical Teaching
SPOR11014 Coach Development
SPOR08031 Coaching Science 1.
SPOR10034 Coaching Theory and Practice 2
SPOR07020 Coaching: Theory & Practice 1
SPOR08036 Coaching: Theory & Practice 2
SPOR09050 Coaching: Theory & Practice 3
SPOR10044 Coaching: Theory & Practice 4
MATH10009 Coding & Cryptography
MATH09008 Coding and Cryptography
PSYC11009 Cognition
PSYC09005 Cognitive Psychology
FILM09006 Collaborative Filmmaking Practice
CMPG11003 Collaborative Project
MUSC08010 Commercial Music Strategies
PERF09017 Commercial Performance
EDUC08041 Communication and Literacy in the Early Years
EDUC08005 Communication in Early Years
LNDN06003 Communication Skills
MUSC10001 Communities of Music Practice
BACE08002 Community Arts and Media
BACE10003 Community Based Adult Education
BACE10004 Community Development
NURS07043 Community Health & Social Care
MUSC09011 Community Music Practice
NURS09230 Community Nurse Prescribing V150
PERF09004 Community Performance Project
BACE09003 Community Practice Research
LAWW08023 Company Law 1
SSPG11011 Comparative Governance & Public Admin
CRIM10003 Comparative Justice
SSPG11012 Comparative Penology
MATH09009 Complex Analysis
MIDW08016 Complex Care in Practice
MIDW08014 Complex Midwifery
NURS11086 Complexities of Pain
ENGG10021 Composite Structures
ENGG08002 Computer Aided Design CAD
ENGG10024 Computer Aided Manufacture CAM
ENGG09049 Computer Aided Process Analysis and Design
COMP10071 Computer Animation Arts 4 Project
COMP09025 Computer Animation Techniques
COMP10009 Computer Games Audio
COMP08035 Computer Games Design
COMP10079 Computer Games Honours Project
COMP07007 Computer Music
COMP10034 Computing Honours Project
COMP07061 Computing Systems
NURS11105 Consolidation of Practice
NURS09215 Consolidation of Practice SCQF Level 9
ENGG09015 Construction & Structural Engineering 2
MARK10018 Consumer Experiences and Relationships
LAWW08025 Consumers and the Law
ACCT10003 Contemporary Accounting Issues
NURS11127 Contemporary advanced dementia care
MARK10007 Contemporary and Cultural Issues in Marketing
HLTH08005 Contemporary and Global Issues in Health
DAAD07008 Contemporary Art Practice
NURS11025 Contemporary Cancer & Palliative Care
MARK08009 Contemporary Consumer Behaviour
NURS11097 Contemporary Health Visiting
NURS10032 Contemporary Integrated Community Nursing
SPOR10022 Contemporary Issues in Coaching Science
NURS09167 Contemporary Issues in Health & Social Care
LAWW10014 Contemporary Issues in Law
SPOR09051 Contemporary Issues in Physical Education
SPOR10039 Contemporary Issues in Sport
LAWW07023 Contemporary Legal Issues 1
LAWW08024 Contemporary Legal Issues 2
NURS09216 Contemporary Occupational Health SCQF level 9
BUSN11065 Contemporary Organisation Theory
PERF09011 Contemporary Performance in Context
CDAS11006 Contemporary Responses to Substance Use
NURS11130 Contemporary School Nursing
SSPG11001 Contemporary Social Issues
SOCY09054 Contemporary Social Issues & Policy Responses
BUSN09071 Contemporary Strategy Development
CRIM09021 Contemporary Studies in Criminal Justice
MARK11034 Content and Media Management
EDUC11085 Contextualising Coaching and Mentoring
CEWM10001 Control of Pollution
UGED08010 Controversial Issues and Citizenship
BIOL08019 Core Biomedical Science
NURS11116 Core Values in Mental Health Practice
LNDN11003 Corporate Finance and Global Financial Market
LAWW08022 Corporate Law 1
MUSC08013 Creating & Producing an Act
LNDN11004 Creating Business Advantage
NURS11145 Creating the Conditions for Integrated Care
COMP08088 Creative Animation
DAAD10006 Creative Arts Research Project
BUSN08032 Creative Business Project
FILM07008 Creative Filmmaking Practice
THEO10004 Creative Homiletics Level 10
THEO09005 Creative Homiletics Level 9
CMPG11002 Creative Industries: Professional Practice
DAAD09010 Creative Interventions
JOUR11005 Creative Journalism Project
CMPG11012 Creative Lives
CMPG11006 Creative Media Practice
THEO07008 Creative Mission in a Changing Culture L7
THEO08008 Creative Mission in a Changing Culture L8
THEO09008 Creative Mission in a Changing Culture L9
MUSC09009 Creative Music Product Design
EDUC11144 Creative Pedagogies
CMPG11013 Creative Portfolio
MARK11019 Creative Research
JOUR10004 Creative Research Project
COMP09096 Creative Technologies Professionalism
CMPG11009 Creative Writing 1
EDUC11143 Creativity Across Learning
EDUC09054 Creativity Across the Curriculum
EDUC09005 Creativity in the Curriculum
CRIM10009 Crime as Social Harm
CRIM09024 Crime Investigation
CRIM08011 Crime, Media & Culture
CRIM07005 Criminal Behaviour & Deviance
CRIM09020 Criminal Careers
CHEM10019 Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Project
CRIM10004 Criminal Justice Dissertation
LAWW07013 Criminal Law
CRIM08002 Criminology Foundations
SSPG11017 Crisis & Communication
SSPG11018 Crisis Leadership & Management
NURS09218 Critical Appraisal of Care
MIDW11034 Critical Concepts of Perinatal Mental Health
HURM09005 Critical Employment Relations
TOUR11005 Critical Event Studies
EDUC11145 Critical Issues Across Education
HURM10005 Critical Issues in International HRM
LNDN09003 Critical Management Studies
BACE07003 Critical Pedagogy One
EDUC12001 Critical Professional Reflection
NURS09002 Critical Research Appraisal
EDUC11086 Critical self-evaluation and development
MIDW11037 Critical Skills for Registered Practice
FILM09004 Critical Studies In Film
DAAD08011 Crossmedia Collaboration
COMP09106 Cryptography
LING09006 Cultural Studies for Learners of English 1
LING09007 Cultural Studies for Learners of English 2
PSYC10015 Culture & Childhood
PERF08001 Culture & Society
POAB11002 Current Advances in Addiction Psychology
EDUC10037 Current Childhood Policy and Practice
MARK08014 Customer Service Skills
COMP11080 Cyber Security Principles
COMP11086 Cyber Security: Law and Ethics

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