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Module Descriptors

A-Z of Module Titles

This lists all the modules sorted alphabetically by Title.


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Module CodeModule Title
SPOR10052 Paediatric Sport Science
NURS09122 Pain Management
PARA09004 Paramedic Professional Practice
PARA07001 Paramedic Science: Principles & Practice
PLTC10013 Parliamentary Studies
MATH10003 Partial Differential Equations
PLTC10014 Participation & Democracy
EDUC11098 Participation and Children's Rights
NURS08060 Partnerships in Mental Health
PARA08001 Patient Assessment & Clinical Decision Making
THEO10018 Paul and the Gospel of Jesus L10
THEO09031 Paul and the Gospel of Jesus L9
UGED09004 Pedagogy and Practice
UGED09011 Pedagogy and Practice 2
EDUC11101 Pedagogy of Primary Physical Education
COMP11097 Penetration Testing Programming
CRIM09005 Penology & Prisons
NURS11146 People and communities
HURM08008 People in Business
BUSN08062 People, Planet and Profit
PERF08002 Performance Contexts: Creative Processes
PERF07002 Performance Contexts: Production Aesthetics
PERF09012 Performance Contexts: Testing Ideas
PERF07003 Performance Histories
PERF10009 Performance Research Project
PERF10010 Performance: Networks and Promotion
MIDW08017 Perinatal Mental Health
LNDN06006 Personal Development Practice
ACCT10016 Personal Finance
ACCT09015 Personal Tax
SPOR08038 Personal Training
NURS08038 Person-centredness
BIOL10015 Pest Management
EDUC10027 PGDE (P) Primary Curriculum
EDUC10028 PGDE (P) School Experience
EDUC10031 PGDE (S) School Experience
EDUC10029 PGDE (S) Subject Studies
EDUC10030 PGDE (S) Subject Studies (Dual)
EDUC10032 PGDE School & Professional Studies
EDUC11090 PGDE School & Professional Studies (L11)
CHEM08015 Pharmacology, drugs & behaviour.
CHEM10004 Physical & Inorganic Chemistry 4
SPOR09053 Physical Activity and Health
SPOR07014 Physical Activity and Lifelong Health
SPOR08017 Physical Activity in Health and Exercise
SPOR09038 Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing
SPOR07022 Physical Activity, Health, and Fitness
CHEM08001 Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM09003 Physical Chemistry 3
UGED08009 Physical Education
SPOR08030 Physical Education: Policy and Practice
SPOR09024 Physiological Adaptations to Exercise
COMP09075 Placement Learning
SPOR11019 Planning for Coaching (10 credits)
SPOR11023 Planning for Coaching (20 credits)
EDUC10035 Play and Pedagogy 0-16
BROA10003 Podcasting
CRIM09023 Policing Communities
SSPG11015 Policing in the Contemporary World
JOUR09004 Policy & the Organisation of Sport
SSPG11003 Policy Analysis & Practice
SPOR08018 Policy of Sport
TOUR11006 Politics and Policy in Events and Tourism
NURS08039 Politics and Policy in Health & Social Care
CEWM11006 Pollution Control
MUSC08018 Popular Music Techniques 1
MUSC09018 Popular Music Techniques 2
MUSC07015 Popular Music: History & Politics
NURS09213 Positive Practice in Advanced Dementia Care.
BACE08005 Positivity in Community Work
QUAL11023 Postgraduate Research Methods
BACE07005 Power in Communities
SSPG11005 Power, Politics & Civil Society
TOUR11007 Practical Issues in Events
LAWW09024 Practical Legal Learning
BIOL08002 Practical Skills in Biomed. and Env. Health
MIDW07023 Practice Education
DAAD10007 Practice in Context
THEO07018 Practice of Pastoral Care 7
THEO08016 Practice of Pastoral Care 8
THEO07019 Practice of Preaching L7
THEO08017 Practice of Preaching L8
THEO09025 Practice of Preaching L9
PERF07004 Practice Text Based
PERF09013 Practice: Creative Festival
PERF08003 Practice: Devising
EDUC09058 Practitioner Enquiry: Early Years
EDUC09051 Practitioner-based Research and Enquiry
MIDW09041 Preparation for Registered Practice
BUSN10065 Preparing an Honours Project
ACCT08012 Preparing Financial Statements
DAAD10003 Presentation & Promotion
SPOR08039 Principles of Exercise Physiology
SPOR08040 Principles of Human Movement
BIOL11022 Principles of Infection and Disease Control
ACCT08013 Principles of Mgt Accounting
SPOR08019 Principles of Sport and Exercise Physiology
CEWM11010 Principles of Sustainability
MATH08010 Probability and Statistics
NURS11140 Problem Behaviours
ENGG09036 Process Design, Control and Safety
ENGG11037 Process Design, Sustainability and Safety
ENGG10044 Process Dynamics and Control
ENGG08024 Process Modelling and Simulation
BUSN11097 Procurement Systems
FILM09007 Producing Skills
ENGG09051 Product design and data management
BROA09010 Production for Multiplatform
SWRK08006 Professional Communication (Social Work)
COMP09093 Professional Computing Practice
BUSN08033 Professional Development Experience 1
BUSN09049 Professional Development Experience 2
LNDN10008 Professional Development Experience Level 10
LNDN07005 Professional Development Experience Level 7
LNDN08007 Professional Development Experience Level 8
LNDN09008 Professional Development Experience Level 9
COMP07067 Professional Development in Computing
UGED08008 Professional English and Maths
SPOR08020 Professional Experience
BIOL09028 Professional Laboratory Training in BMS
LNDN11013 Professional Management Skills
MIDW07027 Professional Midwifery 1
MIDW08015 Professional Midwifery 2
MUSC11019 Professional Music Brief
MUSC11009 Professional Music Release
COMP10067 Professional Portfolio Production
QUAL11024 Professional Practice
CGAD11002 Professional Practice (CGD)
SWRK10008 Professional Practice and Inquiry
VHNM09006 Professional Practice Development
HURM09006 Professional Practice HRM
BIOL09029 Professional Practice in Biomedical Science
BROA10004 Professional Practice in Broadcasting
JOUR10005 Professional Practice, Journalism & Broadcast
COMP09061 Professional Studio Practice
MUSC09020 Professional Studio Techniques
NURS09227 Professionalism in Health and Social Care
COMP08101 Programming for Cyber Security
COMP11096 Programming for Digital Forensics
ENGG07016 Programming for Engineers
COMP08068 Programming for Mobile Devices
COMP07070 Programming with Objects
PHYS10003 Project & Professional Skills
BUSN09083 Project and Knowledge Management
ENGG09004 Project Management
ENGG11031 Project Management (Engineering - B)
PHYS11009 Project Management and Research Methods
COMP09007 Project Management for IT
QUAL11013 Project Management Fundamentals
BUSN09056 Project Mgt
QUAL11019 Project Risk Management
ENGG11040 Project Scheme Design
ENGG09007 Project Tool Box
DAAD09007 Projection Art
QUAL11021 Projects in Practice
MIDW07026 Promoting Health and Wellbeing
EDUC09006 Promoting Learning
NURS08061 Promoting Mental Health
NURS08058 Promoting Positive Outcomes
PHYS08004 Properties of Matter
NURS11002 Protecting Children
BIOL09006 Proteins: Form & Function
NURS08055 Providing skilled personalised dementia care
PARA08002 PS: Building Healthy Communities
PARA07002 PS: Community Health & Social Care
PARA09002 PS: Evidence-Led Enquiry
PARA07003 PS: Health & Human Development 1
PARA08003 PS: Health & Human Development 2
PARA07004 PS: Investigation & Communication
PARA09003 PS: Leadership in Healthcare
PARA07005 PS: Understanding Self & Society
POAB11004 Psychological Interventions for Addiction
PSYC10010 Psychological Theory
POAB11005 Psychological Theory of Addiction
MIND11001 Psychological Wellbeing and Mindfulness
PSYC10011 Psychology & Education
PSYC10017 Psychology & Work
PSYC10004 Psychology Dissertation
PSYC10025 Psychology of Addictive Behaviours
PSYC10027 Psychology of Human-Animal Interactions
PSYC11004 Psychology Research Dissertation
SPOR08041 Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and Exercise
NURS11036 Psychosocial Concerns in Serious Illness
BIOL10002 Public Health Microbiology
LAWW09027 Public International Law
LAWW07019 Public Law I
LAWW07020 Public Law II
BIOL09020 Pure & Applied Genetics
COMP09110 Python for Network Engineers

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