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Module Descriptors

A-Z of Module Titles

This lists all the modules sorted alphabetically by Title.


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Module CodeModule Title
NURS11098 Safeguard Children, Enable Families
CEWM09001 Safety Case Study
CEWM09002 Safety Management Skills
CEWM08003 Safety Technology
CHEM09005 Safety, Health, Env Protection
CEWM10004 Safety, Health, Environment Honours Project
ACCT00001 Sandwich Placement: Accounting
CHEM00001 Sandwich Placement: Chemistry
COMP00001 Sandwich Placement: Computing
ENGG00001 Sandwich Placement: Engineering
BIOL00001 Sandwich Placement: Life Science
PHYS00001 Sandwich Placement: Physics
EDUC09048 School & Professional Studies (L9)
UGED09008 School Experience - Early
UGED10003 School Experience - Upper
CHEM07006 Science & Crime
UGED08005 Science in Society
CHEM08005 Science Independent Study
CHEM10001 Science Project
EDUC08045 Science, Numeracy and Mathematics in EY
CHEM07009 Scientific Investigation
LAWW07024 Scots Private Law 1: Contract
LAWW08027 Scots Private Law 3: Family
LAWW10020 Scottish Administrative Law
THEO10017 Scottish Christianity L10
THEO09030 Scottish Christianity L9
CRIM07002 Scottish Criminal Justice
CRIM07004 Scottish Criminal Law
BUSN08045 Scottish Diversity in a Global World
SOCY09027 Scottish Society
FILM09001 Screen Adaptation
FILM08007 Script Analysis
LING11006 Second Language Acquisition
EDUC10049 Secondary School Experience
EDUC10050 Secondary STEM Subject Studies
COMP10068 Secure Programming
COMP11057 Security for the Mobile Web
COMP07075 Security Fundamentals
CRIM10005 Security in a Global Age
PHYS10013 Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics
NURS11157 Self, Society and Nursing
ENGG11039 Separation Processes
MATH07002 Sequences & Patterns
COMP10010 Serious Games
THEO10016 Sermon on the Mount L10
THEO09028 Sermon on the Mount L9
COMP10015 Server Side Systems
COMP11042 Service Oriented Development
QUAL11008 Service Quality
BUSN08060 SFEDI Diploma Business & Enterprise Support
CEWM09009 SHE Work Related Learning
UGED07003 Situated Communication
EDUC12003 Situated Professional Inquiry
EDUC11087 Situated Professional Learning
BROA09009 Situation Comedy: Radio & TV
NURS09225 Skills for Holistic Healthcare Practice
PHYS07005 Skills for Physics
SOCY10033 Social Activism and Social Justice
BACE07001 Social and Political Ideologies
SPOR09054 Social Issues in Sport
NURS11009 Social Marketing in Health
COMP08086 Social Media for Business
SOCY08002 Social Policy & Social Change
PSYC09011 Social Psychology
SSPG11006 Social Research Today
SOCY10027 Social Science Dissertation
SSPG11004 Social Sciences Dissertation
SWRK08002 Social Work Law
SWPG11005 Social Work Values, Ethics&Theory in Practice
UGED07004 Society and Lifestyles
COMP08091 Software Development for Games
PHYS10009 Solid State Physics
COMP10081 Solving eHealth challenges: IoT, AI and Ethic
MUSC11020 Songwriting Workshop (20 Credit)
COMP08102 Sound System Design
MUSC11023 Soundscapes 20 Credit
SPAN07001 Spanish 1.1
SPAN07002 Spanish 1.2
SPAN08001 Spanish 2.1
SPAN09001 Spanish 3.1
SPAN09002 Spanish 3.2
MIDW11039 Special and Transitional Care of the Neonate
MIDW10004 Special Care Neonatal Nursing
THEO10015 Spiritual Formation L10
THEO09017 Spiritual Formation L9
SPOR10053 Sport & Exercise Dissertation
SPOR10033 Sport & Exercise Science Dissertation
SPOR08042 Sport and Exercise Experience
SPOR08034 Sport and Exercise Nutrition.
SPOR10054 Sport Business Operations
SPOR08025 Sport Development and the Outdoors
SPOR10029 Sport Dissertation
SPOR09055 Sport Management and Enterprise
SPOR10055 Sport Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
SPOR09048 Sport Performance Analysis.
SPOR10036 Sport Physiology
SPOR08043 Sport Policy and Development
SPOR10037 Sport Psychology
SPOR09056 Sport Research and Evaluation
SPOR08029 Sport Tourism & Event Management
SPOR09057 Sports Conditioning and Biomechanics
SPOR08032 Sports Conditioning and Injury 1
SPOR10031 Sports Conditioning and Injury 3
SPOR08044 Sports' Events and Tourism
JOUR09002 Sports News Production
SOCY10030 SPP Dissertation
TOUR08014 Staging an Event
MATH09012 Statistical Estimation and Inference
BIOL11023 Statistical Methods for Public Health
QUAL11002 Statistical Quality Control
EDUC10051 STEM Work Based Learning
LLNG07026 Step Up to University - Foundation Academy
BUSN10071 Strategic Business and Management Project
BUSN11076 Strategic Business Project
ACCT11023 Strategic Financial Accounting
ACCT11031 Strategic Financial Management
LNDN11011 Strategic Financial Management and Analysis
LNDN09002 Strategic Management
QUAL11017 Strategic Management & Sustainability
ACCT11024 Strategic Management Accounting
COMP10003 Strategic Management and Information Systems
BUSN11054 Strategic Mgmt in an International Context
BUSN09057 Strategy and Strategists
SPOR10056 Strength and Conditioning
EDUC11082 Stress Management in Education
ENGG07007 Stress Strain & Struct Design
ENGG09013 Structural Engineering 1
ENGG10013 Structural Engineering 3
ENGG11041 Structural Integrity
CHEM07003 Structure of Chemistry
COMP08034 Structures & Algorithms
BROA08004 Studio Production
COMP09049 Study Project - Computing
LNDN06005 Study Skills IFP
LAWW08018 Succession and Trusts
SPOR11020 Supervised Experience in Sport Coaching 1
SPOR11021 Supervised Experience in Sport Coaching 2
LNDN11015 Supply Chain Management
MIDW10011 Supporting Families
EDUC08006 Supporting Health & Wellbeing
UGED08011 Supporting Multilingual Learners
NURS09179 Supporting People Facing Loss
EDUC10034 Supporting Professional Development
EDUC11125 Supporting Professional Development Level 11
PHYS10005 Surface Analysis & Detectors
HURM09007 Sustainability & Technology in HRM
TOUR09030 Sustainability and Ethics in Events
CHEM11014 Sustainable & Resource-efficient formulation
ENGG08013 Sustainable Construction
UGED08004 Sustainable Development
ENGG11053 Sustainable Energy: Sources & Storage
LNDN10003 Sustainable Enterprise
NURS09208 Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Administration
COMP09111 Systems Programming Concepts

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