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ARAB07003 Intro to Arabic 1
ARAB07004 Intro to Arabic 2
BACE07001 Social and Political Ideologies
BACE07002 C Ed Practice Learning 1
BACE07003 Critical Pedagogy One
BACE07004 Group Work and Communication
BACE07005 Power in Communities
BACE07006 Understanding Communities
CRIM07001 History of Crime & Justice
CRIM07002 Scottish Criminal Justice
CRIM07004 Scottish Criminal Law
CRIM07005 Criminal Behaviour & Deviance
EDUC07036 Observation, Assessment and Reflection
EDUC07037 Working in a Team
EDUC07038 Introduction to Early Childhood Philosophy & Practice
EDUC07039 GA WBL - Supp Practice in a team
EDUC07040 Children's Holistice Learning and Development
EDUC07041 Health Wellbeing Promotion and Safeguarding
EDUC07042 GA Study Skills
FREN07001 French 1.1
FREN07002 French 1.2
FREN07005 Introduction to French 1
FREN07006 Introduction to French 2
GERM07007 Intro to German 1
GERM07008 Intro to German 2
LANG00001 Work Based Learning Abroad
LING07004 Intro to British Sign Language 1
LING07005 Introduction to British Sign Language 2
PLTC07001 Democracy in the UK
PSYC07001 Introduction to Psychology A
PSYC07008 Investigating Psychology
PSYC07009 Applying Psychology
PSYC07010 Introduction to Psychology B
PSYC07011 Psychology across the Lifespan
SOCY07001 Development of Social Policy
SOCY07004 Introducing Sociology
SOCY07012 Making the Modern World
SOCY07020 Introduction to Social Research
SPAN07001 Spanish 1.1
SPAN07002 Spanish 1.2
SPAN07007 Introduction to Spanish 1
SPAN07008 Introduction to Spanish 2
SPAN07009 Introduction to Spanish 3
SWRK07002 Sociological Inquiry
SWRK07003 Understanding & Learning from Service Failures
SWRK07005 Foundations of Social Work Practice
UGED07001 Literacy for Understanding
UGED07002 Maths for Understanding
UGED07003 Situated Communication
UGED07004 Society and Lifestyles
UGED07005 Health and Wellbeing for Understanding