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BIOL00001 Sandwich Placement - Life Science
BIOL10001 Biology of Disease
BIOL10002 Public Health Microbiology
BIOL10004 Applied Aquatic Ecology
BIOL10006 Bioscence Research Project
BIOL10008 Clinical Immunology
BIOL10009 DNA Technology
BIOL10011 Behavioural Ecology
BIOL10014 From Crime Scene to Court
BIOL10015 Pest Management
BIOL10017 Integrative Human Physiology
BIOL10018 Clinical Genetics
BIOL10023 Housing, Acoustics & Health
BIOL10025 Food and Environmental Microbiology
BIOL10026 Envirnmental Research Project
BIOL10027 Food & Meat Inspection CPD
BIOL10028 Advancements in Forensic Biology
CEWM10001 Control of Pollution
CEWM10004 Safety, Health, Environment Honours Project
CEWM10005 Health and Wellbeing
CEWM10006 Honours Project (Safety, Health, Environment)
CEWM10007 Environmental Health Professional Practice 2
MIDW10004 Special Care Neonatal Nursing
MIDW10005 Neonatal Intensive Care
MIDW10006 Neonatal Work-based Learning
MIDW10011 Supporting Families
MIDW10012 Analysis of Anatomy and Physiology
MIDW10013 Reflecting on Essential Midwifery Practice
MIDW10014 Research and Professionalism 1
MIDW10015 Exploring Concepts of Health and Wellbeing
NURS10010 Effective Teaching in Practice
NURS10011 eHealth - Assessment from a Distance
NURS10014 Leadership in Health and Social Care
NURS10019 Nursing Issues and Trends
NURS10024 The Honours Dissertation
NURS10028 Improving Population Health L10
NURS10029 Work Related Learning 3
NURS10030 NMC Leadership in Health and Social Care
NURS10032 Contemporary Integrated Community Nursing
NURS10033 Improving Assessment & Professional Practice
NURS10035 Integrated Community Nursing WBL
SPOR10019 Applied Sport Psychology
SPOR10025 Global Issues in Sport Development
SPOR10028 Sport Business Operations
SPOR10032 Interventions in Sport and Physical Activity
SPOR10033 Sport & Exercise Science Dissertation
SPOR10038 Exercise Referral in Special Populations
SPOR10040 Adapted & Inclusive Sport & Physical Activity
SPOR10041 Advanced Physical Education
SPOR10042 Applied Sport Biomechanics
SPOR10043 Clinical Exercise Physiology
SPOR10044 Coaching Theory Practice 4
SPOR10045 Developing Outdoor Sport & Activity
SPOR10046 Exercise in Extreme Environments
SPOR10048 Group Dynamics in Sport
SPOR10049 Injury Prevention and Reconditioning
SPOR10050 International Field Trip
SPOR10051 Mental Health Sport and Physical Activity
SPOR10052 Paediatric Sport Science
SPOR10053 Sport & Exercise Dissertation
SPOR10055 Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
SPOR10056 Strength & Conditioning
SPOR10057 Talent Development in Sport
SPOR10058 The Female Athlete