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CHEM10001 Science Project
CHEM10002 Advanced Analytical Techniques
CHEM10003 Organic Chemistry 4
CHEM10004 Physical & Inorganic Chemistry 4
CHEM10008 Forensic Evidence
CHEM10010 Forensic Biology
CHEM10018 Drugs and Human Interactions
CHEM10019 Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Project
COMP10002 Data Warehouse Environment
COMP10003 Strategic Management and Information Systems
COMP10007 Audio Mastering
COMP10008 Advanced Audio Signal Processing
COMP10009 Computer Games Audio
COMP10010 Serious Games
COMP10013 Dynamic Web Technologies
COMP10014 Network Security
COMP10015 Server-Side Systems
COMP10020 Internet Technologies
COMP10023 Wireless Networking
COMP10025 Animation Studio Production
COMP10034 Computing Honours Project
COMP10037 Games Console Programming
COMP10056 Audio for Film & Animation
COMP10057 Javascript Games Programming Design
COMP10062 Decision Support Systems
COMP10064 Virtualisation
COMP10066 HCI & User Experience Design (UXD)
COMP10067 Professional Portfolio Production
COMP10068 Secure Programming
COMP10070 Network Management, Monitoring and Automation
COMP10071 Computer Animation Arts 4 Project
COMP10072 Advanced Topics in Animation
COMP10073 Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis
COMP10075 Governance, Risk & Compliance
COMP10076 Group Research Project
COMP10079 Computer Games Honours Project
COMP10080 Immersive Experiences Design
COMP10082 Machine Learning for Data Analytics
COMP10083 Immersive Experiences Implementation
ENGG010001 Final Year Project
ENGG10004 Process Dynamics and Control
ENGG10007 Advanced Project Management
ENGG10008 Engineering Managemet 2
ENGG10010 Manufacturing Systems Engineering
ENGG10012 Civil Engineering Honours Project
ENGG10013 Structural Engineering 3
ENGG10014 Ground and Highway Engineering
ENGG10015 Modern Practice in Construction Management
ENGG10016 Adv Construction Materials
ENGG10018 Advanced Computer Aided Design
ENGG10019 Analysis & Simulation 2
ENGG10020 Design Analysis 3
ENGG10021 Composite Structures
ENGG10024 Computer Aided Manufacture CAM
ENGG10027 Advanced Aerodynamics
ENGG10031 Chemical Engineering Design Study
ENGG10032 Unit Operations 2
ENGG10033 Chemical Reactor Engineering
ENGG10038 Model Aircraft Design Group Project
ENGG10041 GA - Structural Engineering 2
ENGG10042 WBL 4 - Applied Research Project
ENGG10044 Process Dynamics and Control
ENGG10084 Energy Systems Analysis and Design
ENGG11053 Sustainable Energy Sources & Storage
MATH10003 Partial Differential Equations
MATH10008 Regression Methods And Experimental Design
MATH10009 Number Theory and its Applications
MATH10010 Mathematical Biology
MATH10011 Mathematics Project
NoCodeL10 Numerical Analysis 2
NoCodeL10 Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics
NoCodeL10 Ultrasonics & Nanoscience
PHYS10001 Nuclear & Particle Physics
PHYS10003Project & Professional Skills
PHYS10005 Surface Analysis & Detectors
PHYS10009 Solid State Physics
PHYS10010 Research Topics in Nuclear Physics
PHYS10012 Applications of Nuclear Physics
PHYS10013 Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics
WRKB10001 WBL 4 – Industrial Project (40 point)
WRKB10002 WBL 4 – Industrial Project (20 point)