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BACE09001 Applied Critical Pedagogy
BACE09002 C Ed Practice Learning 3
BACE09003 Community Practice Research
BACE09004 Managing People and Practice
CRIM09005 Penology and Prisons
CRIM09007 Youth Justice
CRIM09019 Youth and Gang Violence
CRIM09020 Criminal Careers
CRIM09021 Contemporary Studies in Criminal Justice
CRIM09023 Policing Communities
CRIM09024 Crime Investigation
EDUC09001 Management Issues
EDUC09002 Language and Communication
EDUC09005 Creativity in the Curriculum
EDUC09006 Promoting Learning
EDUC09019 Reflective Planning
EDUC09020 Leading Learning
EDUC09021 Leadership and Management
EDUC09022 Leading to Collaborate
EDUC09048 School and Professional Studies (L9)
EDUC09051 Practitioner-Based Research and Enquiry
EDUC09052 Children's Voice
EDUC09053 GA WBL Leading Learning in Practice
EDUC09054 Creativity Across the Curriculum
EDUC09056 The Team Around the Child
EDUC09057 Family Pedagogy
EDUC09058 Practitioner Enquiry - Early Years
ENGL09001 Business English 3.1
ENGL09002 Business English 3.2 23-24
ENGL09003 Advanced English 1
ENGL09004 Advanced English 2
ENGL09005 English for Academic Purposes (L9)
FREN09001 French 3.1
FREN09002 French 3.2
LING09006 Cultural Studies for Learners English 1
LING09007 Cultural Studies for Learners of English 2
LING09010 English for International Practice
PLTC09019 American Politics & Policy
PLTC09020 Democracy and European Political Parties
PSYC09004 Biological Psychology
PSYC09005 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC09007 Child Development
PSYC09011 Social Psychology
PSYC09014 Individual Differences & Work
PSYC09015 Applying Psychology Methods
SOCY09027 Scottish Society
SOCY09029 Gender in Society
SOCY09036 Capitalism Culture Celebrity
SOCY09053 Work Welfare Society
SOCY09054 Contemporary Social Issues & Policy Responses
SOCY09055 Data Analysis for Social Sciences
SOCY09056 Designing You Dissertation Project
SOCY09057 Enviornmental Damage, Policy & Justice
SOCY09058 Ethnicity, Racism & Social Relations
SOCY09059 Art, Culture & Society
SOCY09060 Contemporary German Politics
SWRK09005 Professional Practice
SWRK09007 Advanced Skills Practice Simulation
UGED09001 Integrated Wellbeing
UGED09002 CA of Literacy Teaching
UGED09003 CA of Language Teaching
UGED09004 Pedagogy and Practice
UGED09005 CA of MAthematics Teaching
UGED09006 CA of Science Teaching
UGED09007 Leading Learning at the Early Level
UGED09008 School Experience Early Level
UGED09009 CA of Health & Wellbeing Teaching
UGED09010 CA of Inclusive Education
UGED09011 Pedagogy and Practice 2
UGED09012 Lower Primary Work Based Learning