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BACE10001 Advanced Policy and Community Practices
BACE10002 Activating Collaborative Practices
BACE10003 Community Based Adult Education
BACE10004 Community Development
BACE10005 Youth Work Specialism
BACE10006 C Ed Practice Research Dissertation
CRIM10001 Victimology
CRIM10003 Comparative Justice
CRIM10004 Criminal Justice Dissertation
CRIM10005 Security in a Global Age
CRIM10009 Crime as Social Harm
CRIM10011 Critical Policing Studies
EDUC10027 Primary Curriculum
EDUC10028 School Experience
EDUC10029 Subject Studies
EDUC10030 PGDE (S) Subject Studies (Dual)
EDUC10031 PGDE (S) School Experience
EDUC10032 PGDE School and Professional Studies
EDUC10035 Play and Pedagogy 0-16
EDUC10036 Honours Dissertation
EDUC10037 Current Childhood Policy and Practice
EDUC10041 Inter-Professional Practices
EDUC10042 Advanced Practice (CS)
EDUC10049 Secondary School Experience
EDUC10050 Secondary STEM Subject Studies
EDUC10051 STEM Work Based Learning
ENGL10003 General Academic English Proficiency 1
ENGL10004 General Academic English Proficiency 2
LING10002 Analysing Discourse
LING10003 Languages Dissertation
LING10005 Theory and Practice of ELT
PLTC10002 Nationalism
PLTC10004 British and Irish Political History
PLTC10013 Parliamentary Studies
PLTC10014 Participation and Democracy
PSYC10004 Psychology Dissertation
PSYC10006 Health Psychology
PSYC10010 Psychological Theory
PSYC10011 Psychology & Education
PSYC10014 Foundations of Applied Behaviour Analysis
PSYC10016 Environmental Psychology
PSYC10017 Psychology & Work
PSYC10019 Atypical Development
PSYC10021 Applied Cyberpsychology
PSYC10025 Psychology of Addictive Behaviours
PSYC10028 Work-related Learning
SOCY10017 Making Sustainable Cities
SOCY10021 Embodiment of Social Inequality
SOCY10022 Migration State and Society
SOCY10027 Social Sciences Dissertation
SOCY10030 SPP Dissertation
SOCY10033 Social Activism and Social Justice
SOCY10034 Education Politics, Inequalities & Policy
SWRK10008 Professional Practice & Inquiry
UGED10001 Theory in Education Studies
UGED10002 Dissertation Practitioner Research
UGED10003 School Experience Upper
UGED10004 Leadership of Learning
UGED10005 Upper Primary Work Based Learning