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CHEM07003 Structure of Chemistry
CHEM07006 Science & Crime
CHEM07009 Scientific Investigation
CHEM07011 Chemistry & Reactions
CHEM07013 Molecules of Life
COMP07007 Computer Music
COMP07009 Introduction to Web Development
COMP07010 Introduction to Computer Animation
COMP07011 2D Computer Animation
COMP07012 CCNA1 Introduction to Networks
COMP07013 Design for Interaction
COMP07027 Introduction to Programming
COMP07028 Intro to Games Development
COMP07052 Sound Reinforcement Systems
COMP07061 Computing Systems
COMP07063 Business Technology and Enterprise
COMP07065 Audio For Broadcast
COMP07067 Professional Development in Computing
COMP07068 Recording and Production 1
COMP07070 Programming with Objects
COMP07071 The Creative Computing Professional
COMP07073 Drawing for Animation
COMP07074 Visual Storytelling (20 point)
COMP07075-Security Fundamentals
COMP07076 Music Production Analysis
COMP07079 Object Oriented Programming Part 1
COMP07080 Object Oriented Programming Part 2
COMP07081 Retro-games Archaeology
ENGG07001 Engineering Mechanics
ENGG07002 Applied Engineering Science
ENGG07003 Engineering Industry
ENGG07004 Technical Communications
ENGG07007 Stress Strain and Structural Design
ENGG07011 Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
ENGG07016 Programming for Engineers
ENGG07017 Introduction to Engineering
ENGG07018 Aircraft Simulation and Programming
ENGG07019 Aircraft Flight Studies
ENGG07023 Introduction to Engineering
GRLA07001 Computing Systems Module Descriptor
GRLA07002 Introduction to Software Development Module Descriptor
GRLA07005 GA-Mathematics for Engineering 1
MATH07001 Analysis of Data
MATH07002 Discrete Mathematics 1
MATH07003 Calculus A
MATH07005 Mathematics for Computing
MATH07006 Engineering Mathematics 1
MATH07007 Engineering Mathematics 2
MATH07008 Computational Methods
MATH07009 Calculus B
MATH07010 Mathematics for Engineering 1
PHYS07005 Skills for Physics
PHYS07006 Introductory Physics A
PHYS07007Introductory Physics B