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CHEM08001 Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM08002 Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM08003 Inorganic Chemistry 2
CHEM08004 Chemical Analysis & Evaluation
CHEM08005 Science Independent Study
CHEM08007 Evaluating Forensic Evidence
CHEM08009 Analytical Measurement
CHEM08013 Chemical Laboratory Techniques
CHEM08015 Pharmacology, drugs & behaviour
CHEM08016 Introductory Forensic Science
CHEM08017 Forensic Genetics
CHEM08018 Crime Scene Investigation
CHEM08019 Forensic Statistics
COM08088 Creative Animation
COMP00001 Sandwich Placement Computing
COMP08002 Database Development
COMP08007 Electroacoustics
COMP08009 Electronic Music
COMP08013 3D Asset Production 1
COMP08033 Object Oriented Analysis
COMP08034 Structures and Algorithms
COMP08035 Computer Games Design
COMP08052 Audio Post-Production
COMP08053 WBL 2 - Group Project (20 point)
COMP08059 3D Computer Animation
COMP08064 Recording and Production 2
COMP08065 Live Sound Technologies
COMP08068 Programming for Mobile Devices
COMP08074 Operating Systems
COMP08077 Digital Asset Development
COMP08079 Game Engine 1
COMP08081 Independent Study Project
COMP08086 Social Media for Business
COMP08089 Art for Animation 1
COMP08090 Digital Film Making
COMP08091 Software Development for Games
COMP08092 Level Design
COMP08094 Ethical Hacking Tools & Techniques
COMP08096 Retro Games Archaeology
COMP08097 CCNA2 Switching Routing & Wireless Essentials
COMP08098 CCNA3 Enterpr Networks, Security & Automation
COMP08099 Applied Maths for Games and User Research
COMP08100 Linux Tools and Administration
COMP08101 Programming for Cyber Security
COMP08102 Sound System Design
ENGG08001 Materials & Manufacture
ENGG08002 Computer Aided Design CAD
ENGG08011 Design of Structural Elements
ENGG08012 Hydraulics
ENGG08015 Digital Surveying & Field Experience
ENGG08016 Civil Engineering Materials
ENGG08017 Design Analysis 1
ENGG08021 Introduction to Thermo-Fluids
ENGG08022 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
ENGG08024 Process Modelling and Simulation
ENGG08028 Fluids and Aerodynamics
ENGG08029 Thermofluids and Aircraft Propulsion
ENGG08030 Introductory Management for Engineers
GRLA08008 GA - Project Management
GRLA08009 GA-Engineering Management
GRLA08010 GA-Mathematics for Engineering 2
MATH08001 Mathematics For Design
MATH08002 Differential Equations 1
MATH08006 Discrete Mathematics 2
MATH08007 Linear Algebra
MATH08008 Multivariable Calculus
MATH08009 Numerical Analysis
MATH08010 Probability and Statistics
MATH08011 Mathematical Methods 1
PHYS08002 Optics & Electronics
PHYS08003 Oscillations, Waves & Fields
PHYS08004 Properties of Matter
PHYS08006 Mathematics for Physicists
PHYS08007 Classical Mechanics
PHYS08008 Mathematics for Physicists 2
PHYS08009 Modern Physics
WRKB08001 WBL 2 - Work Based Learning (40 Point)
WRKB08002 WBL 2 – Work Placement (20 point)