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BACE08001 Activism in Communites
BACE08002 Community, Arts and Media
BACE08003 C Ed Practice Learning 2
BACE08004 Domains of Community Education Practice
BACE08005 Positivity in Community Work
CRIM08002 Criminology Foundations
CRIM08007 Deconstructing Crime & Criminality
CRIM08008 Introduction to Policing
CRIM08011 Crime Media & Culture
EDUC08001 Childrens Learning Pre-Birth to 6
EDUC08003 Ethics and Justice in Childhood
EDUC08004 Leadership Issues
EDUC08005 Communication in Early Years
EDUC08039 Leading Learning in Science and Mathematics
EDUC08040 GA WBL Implementing Practice in a team
EDUC08041 Communication and Literacy in the Early Years
EDUC08042 Facilitating Children's Play and Pedagogy
EDUC08043 GA Reflexive Practice
EDUC08044 Ethics and Social Justice in the Early Years
EDUC08045 Science Numeracy & Mathematics in Early Years
EDUC08046 Children's Holistic Wellbeing
FREN08001 French 2.1
FREN08002 French 2.2
PLTC08006 Foundations of Social & Political Thought
PLTC08007 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSYC08005 Introductory Cognitive & Social Psychology
PSYC08007 Biological & Developmental Psychology
PSYC08011 Essential Skills for Psychologists
PSYC08013 Qualitative Research Skills Psychology
PSYC08014 Quantitative Research Skills in Psychology
PSYC08015 Understanding Psychology Past and Present
SOCY08002 Social Policy & Social Change
SOCY08010 Global Society
SOCY08021 Foundations of Qualitative Research
SOCY08022 Foundations of Quantitative Research
SPAN08001 Spanish 2.1
SPAN08002 Spanish 2.2
SWRK08002 Social Work Law
SWRK08005 Reflective Practice
SWRK08006 Professional Communication
SWRK08007 Assessment in Social Work
SWRK08008 Critical Radical Practice
UGED08001 Children's Literature
UGED08002 Mathematics
UGED08003 Interprofessional Working
UGED08004 Sustainable Development
UGED08005 Science in Society
UGED08006 Expressive Arts and Culture
UGED08007 Integrated Arts in Education
UGED08008 Professional English and Maths
UGED08009 Physical Education
UGED08010 Controversial Issues and Citizenship
UGED08011 Supporting Multilingual Learners
UGED08012 Digital Literacy
UGED08013 Middle Primary Work Based Learning