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BIOL09003 Human Physiology
BIOL09005 Applied Microbiology
BIOL09006 Proteins - Form & Function
BIOL09008 Animal Diversity
BIOL09009 Bio-Case Study
BIOL09010 Biological Conservation
BIOL09011 Bio-Professional Practice
BIOL09013 Entomology & Parasitology
BIOL09014 Factors Affecting Drug Action
BIOL09015 Forensic Analytical Techniques
BIOL09016 Forensic Investigation
BIOL09020 Pure & Applied Genetics
BIOL09022 Work Related Learning 20
BIOL09023 Work Related Learning 40
BIOL09028 Professional Lab Training in BMS
BIOL09029 Professional Practice in Biomedical Science
BIOL09033 Molecular & Cellular Pathology
BIOL09034 Infection and Immunity
BIOL09035 Field Biology
BIOL09037 Wildlife Biology
CEWM09001 Safety Case Study
CEWM09002 Safety Management Skills
CEWM09003 Managing Health & Safety
CEWM09004 Environmental Responsibilities
CEWM09005 Managing Business Risks
CEWM09009 SHE Work Related Learning
CEWM09010 Food Inspection & Food Safety
CEWM09011 Environmental Health Professional Practice 1
MIDW09038 Independent Project
MIDW09039 Meeting Lifestyle and Family Needs
MIDW09040 Global Midwifery
MIDW09041 Preparation for Registered Practice
NURS09030 Infection Control in Practice
NURS09122 Pain Management
NURS09145 Quality Improvement & Safety in Care
NURS09155 Clinical Assessment
NURS09164 Diabetes Management
NURS09165 Therapeutic Communication
NURS09167 Contemporary Issues in Health & Social Care
NURS09169 Work related learning 2
NURS09171 Fitness for Practice
NURS09176 Investigative Enquiry
NURS09179 Supporting People Facing Loss
NURS09201 Interventions and strategies
NURS09202 Risk assessment and management approaches
NURS09203 Theory of Personality Disorder
NURS09205 An Introduction to Palliative Care
NURS09208 Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Administration
NURS09210 Tissue Viability & Wound Care
NURS09214 Obesity, Weight Management & Lifestyle
NURS09215 Consolidation of Practice SCQF Level 9
NURS09216 Contemporary Occupational Health SCQF Level 9
NURS09217 Managing Risk in OH Practice SCQF Level 9
NURS09218 Critical Appraisal of Care
NURS09222 Quality and Leadership
NURS09224 Healthcare Practice Leadership & Management
NURS09225 Skills for Holistic Healthcare Practic
NURS09226 The Principles of Quality Healthcare Practice
NURS09227 Professionalism in Health and Social Care
NURS09228 The Proactive Learner
NURS09229 Essentials of Dementia Care
NURS09230 Community Nurse Prescribing V150
NURS09231 Independent and Supplementary Prescribing L9
NURS09232 Leadership in Healthcare
NURS09233 Managing Complex Needs
NURS09234 Evidence Led Enquiry
NURS09235 Leadership in Mental Health
NURS09236 Managing Mental Health
NURS09237 The Context of Integration
PARA09001 Emergency Care & Complexities of Practice
PARA09002 Evidence Led Enquiry
PARA09004 Paramedic Professional Practice
SPOR09026 Measurement in Sport & Excercise Science
SPOR09038 Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing
SPOR09048 Sport Performance Analysis
SPOR09049 Being a Sport Professional
SPOR09050 Coaching - Theory & Practice 3
SPOR09051 Contemporary Issues in Physical Education
SPOR09052 Development of Sport for Targeted Groups
SPOR09053 Physical Activity & Health
SPOR09054 Social Issues in Sport
SPOR09055 Sport Management & Enterprise
SPOR09058 The Psychology of Sport