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ACCT10003 Contemporary Accounting Issues
ACCT10007 Honours Dissertation BAcc-BUFA
ACCT10012 Exploring Financial Management
ACCT10013 Enterprise Risk Managment
ACCT10014 Finance in a Digital World
ACCT10015 Financial Modelling and Change Management
ACCT10016 Personal Finance
BROA10001 Developing Factual Formats
BROA10002 American TV
BROA10003 Podcasting
BROA10004 Professional Practice in Broadcasting
BROA10005 Wildlife Media
BUSN10043 Business Dissertation
BUSN10044 Dissertation Research Skills
BUSN10055 Change Management
BUSN10058 Graduate Apprenticeship Work Based Learning Four (WBL4)
BUSN10062 Responsible Ethical Management
BUSN10068 Developing Performance Management Strategies
BUSN10070 Operations Management in Context
BUSN10072 Ethical Organisation Management
BUSN10073 Exploring Management and Leadership
BUSN10076 Enterprise with Creative Media
BUSN10078 The Knowledge Economy and Work
BUSN10082 Professional Development Experience Level 10
BUSN10083 Operational Environments & Control Processes
BUSN10084 Managing Innovation & Entrepreneurship
DAAD10003 Presentation & Promotion
DAAD10007 Practice in Context
FILM10001 Asian Cinema
FILM10003 Motion Graphics Film & TV
FILM10006 Collaboration and Filmmaking
HURM10002 HR Policy & Practice
HURM10003 Organisational Culture & Development
HURM10004 Managing Equality & Diversity
HURM10005 Critical Issues in International HRM
HURM10006 HRM Honours Dissertation
HURM10008 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
HURM10009 Transformational HRM
JOUR10001 News & Politics
JOUR10002 Global Issues in Sport
JOUR10004 Creative Research Project
JOUR10005 Professional Practice, Journalism & Broadcast
JOUR10006 News - An International Perspective
LAWW10010 Honours Dissertation (Law)
LAWW10011 Advanced Company Law
LAWW10014 Contemporary Legal Issues 4
LAWW10015 Equality Law
LAWW10017 Advanced Law of Obligations
LAWW10019 Medical Law and Ethics
LAWW10020 Scottish Administrative Law
LAWW10022 Advanced Criminal Law
LNDN10001 Honours Dissertation (International Business)
LNDN10002 Management of Change
LNDN10003 Sustainable Enterprise
LNDN10004 Emerging Mkts and Multinational Corporations
LNDN10005 Insights and Trends
LNDN10006 International Marketing Strategy
LNDN10007 Organisational Strategy
LNDN10009 Organisational Transformation
LNDN10010 Aspiring Future
MARK10007 Contemporary and Cultural Issues in Marketing
MARK10010 Brands and Branding
MARK10013 Honours Dissertation (MET)
MARK10016 Marketing Strategy Theory
MUSC10001 Communities of Music Practice
MUSC10013 Music, Film and Sound Aesthetic
MUSC10015 Music Professional and Creative Identity
PER10011 Performance Dissertation
PERF10010 Performance - Networks and Promotion
TOUR10010 International Tourism Perspectives
TOUR10013 Event Strategy and Policy
TOUR10014 Global Trends in Events
TOUR10017 Tourism Planning and Policy
TOUR10019 Tourism and Destination Management