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CHEM00001 Sandwich Placement Chemistry
CHEM09001 Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM09002 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM09003 Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM09004 Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM09005 Safety, Health, Env Protection
CHEM09008 Trace Evidence & Microscopy
CHEM09009 Forensic Laboratory Techniques
CHEM09011 Fires & Explosives
CHEM09023 Designer Drugs
CHEM09024 Forensic Toxicology
COMP00001 Sandwich Placement Computing
COMP09001 Business Systems Analysis
COMP09003 Database Applications
COMP09006 Website Development
COMP09007 Project Management for IT
COMP09008 Audio Visual Integration
COMP09010 Audio Signal Processing
COMP09020 Internet Scripting
COMP09022 Data Communications and Networks
COMP09023 Web Server Technology
COMP09024 Unix System Administration
COMP09025 Computer Animation Techniques
COMP09027 3D Asset Production 2
COMP09028 Animation Project
COMP09032 Music Technology Project
COMP09041 AI Programming for Games
COMP09044 Algorithms & Collections
COMP09049 Study Project - Computing
COMP09050 Database Applications
COMP09061 Professional Studio Practice
COMP09075 Placement Learning
COMP09078 Advanced Programming for Mobile Devices
COMP09086 Information Security Management
COMP09089 Windows Server Admin
COMP09090 Web Games Development 1
COMP09091 Music and Media Industries
COMP09092 Research Methods in Computing
COMP09093 Professional Computing Practice
COMP09096 Creative Technologies Professionalism
COMP09097 Games Development Project
COMP09100 Advanced Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
COMP09101 Art for Animation 2
COMP09102 Visual Effects (L9)
COMP09103 Animation History
COMP09104 Immersive Audio
COMP09105 Game Engine 2
COMP09106 Cryptography
COMP09107 Digital Forensic Analysis
COMP09109 Web Application Security Testing
COMP09110 Python for Network Engineers
COMP09111 Systems Programming Concepts
COMP09113 Game User Research
COMP09114 Games Development Portfolio Project
COMP09115 CCNA1_2_Networks, Routing, Switching and WLANs
COMP09116 CCNA CyberOps
EDUC09048 School & Professional Studies (L9)
ENGG00001 Sandwich Placement Engineering
ENGG09001 Design Prototyping & Testing
ENGG09004 Project Management
ENGG09006 Engineering Managemet1
ENGG09007 Project Tool Box
ENGG09008 H&S and Risk Assessment
ENGG09011 Analysis & Simulation 1
ENGG09013 Structural Engineering 1
ENGG09014 Water Resources Engineering
ENGG09015 Construction & Structural Eng 2
ENGG09016 Applied Soil Mechanics
ENGG09017 Group Project - Interact
ENGG09018 Independent Study
ENGG09019 Applied Intelligent Systems
ENGG09020 Design Analysis 2
ENGG09021 Design & Applications
ENGG09025 Visualisation Techniques
ENGG09027 Aircraft Design and Performance
ENGG09028 Aircraft Design, Modelling & Analysis
ENGG09036 Process Design, Control and Safety
ENGG09037 Chemical Process Principles
ENGG09038 Unit Operations 1
ENGG09040 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
ENGG09049 Computer Aided Process Analysis and Design
ENGG09050 WBL 3 Project Management
ENGG09051 Product Design and Data Management
ENGG09053 Biochemical and Environmental Engineering
ENGG09054 Building Modelling and Visualisation
ENGG09056 Computer Aided Design 1
ENGG09057 Computer Aided Design 2
ENGG09107 Group Project - Interact
GRLA09003 GA - Software Engineering Practice
GRLA09010 GA- Group Project
MATH09002 Differential Equations 2
MATH09010 Mechanics
MATH09011 Numerical Solution Of ODEs
MATH09012 Statistical Estimation And Inference
MATH09013 Abstract Algebra
NoCodeL09 Atoms, Nuclei & Particles
NoCodeL09 Forensic Quality Management
NoCodeL09 Forensic Statistics
NoCodeL09 Forensic Techniques
NoCodeL09 Mathematical Methods 2
NoCodeL09 Nuclear Physics Research
NoCodeL09 Numerical Analysis 1
PHYS00001 Sandwich Placement Physics
PHYS09001 Advanced Optics
PHYS09003 Electromagnetism
PHYS09007 Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics
PHYS09008 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS09009 Imaging & Nuclear Medicine
PHYS09010 Applied Nuclear Technology
PHYS09011 Atoms & Nuclei
WRKB09001 Work-Based Learning 3
WRKB09002 WBL 3 – Work-Based Project (20 point)