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CDAS11001 CDAS Work Based Learning
CDAS11002 CDAS Dissertation
CDAS11004 Politics of Drug & Alcohol Policy
CDAS11005 Understanding Substance Use
CDAS11006 Contemporary Responses to Substance Use
CGAD11001 Ethical & Inclusive Practice (CGD)
CGAD11002 Professional Practice (CGD)
CGAD11003 Advanced Practice (CGD)
CGAD11005 Contemporary Labour Market (CGD)
CGAD11006 Career Related Policy
CGAD11007 Career Development Theory
CGAD11008 Masters Dissertation (CGD)
EDLR11001 Becoming Critical in Education
EDLR11002 Critical Discourse in Pedagogies and Practice
EDLR11003 Education for Sustainability
EDLR11004 Global Perspectives on Education
EDLR11005 Inclusive Leadership Practices
EDLR11006 Philosophy of Education
EDLR11007 Research and Pedagogy
EDLR11008 Research Design in Education
EDLR11009 Sociology of Childhood
EDUC11090 PGDE School and Professional Studies L11
LING11001 Applied Linguistics
LING11002 English as a Global Language
LING11004 Language, Identity and Power
LING11006 Second Language Acquisition
LING11007 Theory and Practice in TESOL
LING11008 Language Analysis
LING11009 TESOL - The Scottish Context
LING11010 Technology Enhanced Language Learning
MIND11001 Psychological Wellbeing and Mindfulness
MIND11002 Mindfulness, Biopsychology and Research
MIND11003 Mindfulness and Compassion Retreat 1
MIND11004 Mindfulness Teaching and Cognitive Processes
MIND11005 Research Skills and Compassion Teaching
MIND11006 Mindfulness and Compassion Retreat 2
MIND11007 Dissertation Portfolio
MIND11008 Mindfulness and Compassion Retreat 3
PGES11001 Master's Dissertation
PGES11002 Educational Research
PGES11003 Critical Issues Across Education
PGES11004 Expressive Arts Practice
PGES11005 Creativity Across Learning
PGES11006 Creative Pedagogies
PGES11008 Literacy across Learning
PGES11009 Numeracy Across Learning
PGES11010 Early Years Pedagogy
PGES11011 Participation and Children's Rights
PGES11013 Inclusive Practice
PGES11014 Autism Spectrum
PGES11015 Dyslexia
PGES11016 Leadership Vision and Values
PGES11017 Leadership - 'School' Improvement
PGES11018 Leadership Working with Teams
PGES11019 Mental Health in Education
PGES11021 Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
POAB11001 Addiction Psychology Dissertation
POAB11002 Current Advances in Addiction Psychology
POAB11003 Investigating Addiction
POAB11004 Psychological Interventions for Addiction
POAB11005 Psychological Theory
POAB11006 Applied Psychology Internship
PSYC11004 Psychology Research Dissertation
PSYC11005 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC11006 Advanced Social Psychology
PSYC11007 Individual Differences in the Workplace
PSYC11008 Biopsychology
PSYC11009 Cognition
PSYC11010 Developmental Psychology
SSPG11001 Contemporary Social Issues
SSPG11003 Policy Analysis Practice
SSPG11004 Social Sciences Dissertation
SSPG11005 Power, Politics & Civil Society
SSPG11007 Applied Research Methods in Social Sciences
SSPG11009 Applied Criminology and Criminal Justice
SSPG11011 Comparative Governance and Public Administration
SSPG11012 Comparative Penology
SSPG11013 Global Crisis Management
SSPG11015 Comparative Policing
SSPG11017 Crisis & Communication
SSPG11019 Contemporary Populism & Nationalism
SWPG11001 Applied Law for Social Work Practice
SWPG11003 Masters Dissertation Social Work
SWPG11005 Foundations of Social Work Practice (PG)
SWPG11006 Understanding & Learning from Service Failures (PG)
SWPG11007 Social Work Practice 1
SWPG11008 Social Work Practice 2