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ACCT07002 Accountant in Business
ACCT07003 Accountancy Today
ACCT07004 Financial Accounting 1
ACCT07005 Management Accounting 1
ACCT07007 Data Analysis
ACCT07016 Business Finance
ACCT07017 Introduction to Accounting and Finance
BROA07001 Introduction to Radio
BROA07002 Film & TV Production Skills Development
BROA07004 Introduction to Film & TV Production
BROA07005 Radio Craft
BROA07006 Broadcasting Concepts Contexts
BUSN07029 Leadership & Management Skills
BUSN07050 Entrepreneurial Opportunity
BUSN07052 Professional and Academic Development 1
BUSN07053 Work Based Learning One
BUSN07054 Organisations in Society
BUSN07055 Professional Development Experience Level 7
BUSN07056 Principles of Project Management
ECON07003 Business Economics
ECON07010 Economic Principles for Business 1
FILM07002 Cinema Aesthetics
FILM07006 Introduction to Script Writing
FILM07008 Creative Filmmaking Practice
FILM07009 Filmmaking Fundamentals
FILM07010 Cinema in the UK
HURM07001 Introducing People Management
HURM07002 HRM in Business Context
LAWW07013 Criminal Law
LAWW07021 Scots Private Law 2 - Delict
LAWW07022 Introduction to Legal Study
LAWW07023 Contemporary Legal Issues 1
LAWW07024 Scots Private Law 1 - Contract
LAWW07025 Legal Advocacy Skills 1
LAWW07026 Public Law
LNDN07001 Accounting & Finance for Business
LNDN07002 Economic Principles
LNDN07003 Introduction to Business
LNDN07004 Introduction to Human Resources
LNDN07006 Fundamentals of Marketing
MARK07006 Introduction to Marketing
MARK07012 Marketing for a Better Future
MUSC07001 Local Music Scenes
MUSC07003 Introduction to the Music Industries
MUSC07009 Live Performance
MUSC07012 Recording For Media 1
MUSC07014 Musicianship
MUSC07015 Popular Music History & Politics
MUSC07016 Introduction to Collaborative Music Practice
PERF07002 Performance Contexts Production Aesthetics
PERF07003 Performance Histories
PERF07004 Practice Text Based
PERF07005 Reading Performance
TOUR07006 Discovering Live Events
TOUR07007 Tourism & The Experience Economy