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ACCT11016 Business Research & Analysis
ACCT11021 Enterprise Management
ACCT11023 Financial Reporting
ACCT11024 Management Accounting
ACCT11026 Advanced Management Accounting
ACCT11029 Finance & Accounting Dissertation (CIMA)
ACCT11031 Corporate Financial Management
ACCT11046 Corporate Finance
ACCT11047 Money, Banking and the Financial System (MBA)
BUSN11022 Modelling the Supply Chain
BUSN11023 MSc Project (Logistics & SCM)
BUSN11053 International Business Management
BUSN11054 Strategic Mgmt in an International Context
BUSN11065 Contemporary Organisational Theory
BUSN11076 Strategic Business Project
BUSN11097 Procurement Systems
BUSN11098 Leadership Development in a Changing World
BUSN11099 Global Supply Chain Management
BUSN11100 Risk, Crisis and Resilience
BUSN11102 MSc INT MGMT Dissertation
BUSN11108 Logistical Resources and Technologies
BUSN11109 Logistics Strategy and Inventory Management
BUSN11122 Research Methods and Design
BUSN11123 Global Digital Business
BUSN11126 Developing Professional Practice
BUSN11135 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
BUSN11136 Innovation & Idea Creation
BUSN11137 Logistics Management
BUSN11138 Supply Chain Management
BUSN11139 Contemporary Management Challenges
BUSN11140 Ethical Leadership Responsible Organisations
BUSN11141 Fundamentals of Senior Management
BUSN11142 Professional Management and Research Skills
BUSN11143 The Strategic Manager
BUSN11144 Theories of Leadership
BUSN11145 Risk Analysis and Decision Making
BUSN11146 Risk Management and Systems Thinking
CMPG11002 Creative Industries - Professional Practice
CMPG11003 Collaborative Multiplatform Project
CMPG11004 Applied Creative Contexts
CMPG11005 Research - Critical Development
CMPG11006 Creative Media Practice
CMPG11007 Masters Creative Project
CMPG11013 Creative Portfolio
FILM11001 Advanced Documentary Film Practice
FILM11002 Advanced Fiction Film Practice
FILM11003 Development Lab
FILM11004 Film As An Industry
FILM11005 Masters Film Project
HURM11001 HRM in Context
HURM11002 HR Professional Skills
HURM11003 Leading and Managing People
HURM11004 Resourcing and Managing Talent
HURM11005 Reward and Performance Management
HURM11006 Managing Employee Relations
HURM11007 MSc Project (HRM)
JOUR11001 Journalism Law & Regulation
JOUR11002 News Journalism
JOUR11003 Journalism and Public Affairs
JOUR11004 Television Journalism
LNDN11001 Accounting for Performance and Control
LNDN11002 Audit Ethics and Corporate Governance
LNDN11003 Corporate Finance and Global Financial Market
LNDN11004 Creating Business Advantage
LNDN11005 Digital Marketing Strategy
LNDN11006 Emerging Leadership & Development
LNDN11007 Financial Modelling and Change Management
LNDN11008 Financial Risk Management
LNDN11009 Financing Business
LNDN11010 International Corporate Reporting
LNDN11011 Strategic Financial Management and Analysis
LNDN11012 Leading and Managing Business
LNDN11014 Logistics Management
LNDN11015 Supply Chain Management
LNDN11016 Theoretical Perspectives Digital Marketing
LNDN11017 Luxury Brands Management
LNDN11018 Marketing of Sustainable Luxury
LNDN11133 Business Research Project (Accounting & Finance)
LNDN11134 Business Professional Practice
MARK11019 Creative Research
MARK11020 Digital Marketing Practice
MARK11021 Digital Marketing Theory
MARK11024 Marketing, Events and Tourism Dissertation
MARK11033 Digital Branding
MARK11034 Content Media Management
MARK11037 Managing Consumer Behaviour
MARK11044 Future Marketing & Transformational Technology
MARK11047 Digital Marketing Strategies
MARK11048 Luxury Brands Management
MARK11049 Marketing of Sustainable Luxury
MARK11050 Theoretical Perspectives Digital Marketing
MUSC11009 Professional Music Release
MUSC11019 Professional Music Brief
MUSC11020 Songwriting Workshop
MUSC11021 Global Music Industries
MUSC11022 Analysing Creativity
MUSC11023 Soundscapes
TOUR11005 Critical Event Studies
TOUR11006 Politics and Policy in Events and Tourism
TOUR11007 Practical Issues In Events
TOUR11009 The Future of Events