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ACCT08002 Financial Accounting 2
ACCT08003 Financial Management
ACCT08004 Management Accounting 2
ACCT08015 Introduction to Ethics
ACCT08016 Business Accounting
ACCT08017 Business Statistics
ACCT08019 Financial Management for Business Module Handbook
BROA08002 Broadcast Drama
BROA08003 Radio Practice
BROA08004 Studio Production
BROA08005 Recorded Audio Formats
BUSN08040 Operations Management
BUSN08058 Business Accelerator
BUSN08059 Business Ethics in a Global Context
BUSN08060 SFEDI Diploma in Business and Enterprise Support
BUSN08062 People, Planet and Profit
BUSN08063 Business Processes
BUSN08064 Work Based Learning Two
BUSN08066 Workplace Health and Wellbeing
BUSN08067 Business Information Technology
BUSN08068 Professional Development Experience Level 8
FILM08002 Film Genre
FILM08004 The Short Film (Fiction)
FILM08005  Cinematic Creativity
FILM08006 The Short Film (Documentary)
FILM08007 Script Analysis
FILM08009 Post-production for Film
HURM08001 Organisational Behaviour
HURM08002 The HR Function
HURM08003 Talent Management
LAWW08010 Business Law
LAWW08013 Scots Private Law 3
LAWW08018 Scots Private Law 5 - Succession and Trusts
LAWW08021 Legal Drafting
LAWW08022 Agency Partnership and Law
LAWW08023 Company Law
LAWW08024 Contemporary Legal Issues 2
LAWW08025 Consumers and the Law
LAWW08026 Legal Advocacy Skills 2
LAWW08027 Scots Private Law 4 - Family
LAWW08028 Welfare Rights
LNDN08001 International Marketing
LNDN08002 Business Cultures
LNDN08003 Data Analytics
LNDN08004 Operations In Business
LNDN08005 Responsible Business Behaviour
LNDN08006 Entrepreneurship in Business
MARK08008 Marketing Research Practice (MRP)
MARK08009 Contemporary Consumer Behaviour
MARK08013 Marketing A Business
MARK08014 Customer Service Skills
MARK08015 Global Marketing
MUSC08010 Commercial Music Strategies
MUSC08013 Creating and Producing an Act
MUSC08016 Online Music Promotion
MUSC08018 Popular Music Techniques 1
MUSC08019 Music Academic Writing
MUSC08020 Music, Audiences & Participation
MUSC08021 Music Industry Brief
PERF08001 Culture and Society
PERF08002 Performance Contexts - Creative Processes
PERF08003 Practice - Devising
PERF08004 Theory & Performance
TOUR08009 Live Event Production
TOUR08010 Advanced Risk Management for Events
TOUR08012 Tourism Operations & Management
TOUR08013 Event Design and Safety
TOUR08014 Staging an Event