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ACCT09001 Advanced Financial Management
ACCT09002 Auditing
ACCT09003 Business Taxation
ACCT09004 Financial Accounting 3
ACCT09005 Management Accounting 3
ACCT09011 Money, Banking and Finance
ACCT09012 Evaluation of Annual Reports
ACCT09015 Personal Tax
BROA09001 Writing Serial Television Drama
BROA09002 Radio Production A
BROA09003 Radio Production B
BROA09004 TV Production A
BROA09005 - TV Production B
BROA09006 Research for Broadcast
BROA09007 Global & Creative Industries
BROA09009 Situation Comedy Radio TV
BROA09010 Production for Multiplatform
BUSN09021 Managing Public Services
BUSN09042 Enterprise Creation
BUSN09049 Professional Development Experience 2
BUSN09053 Emerging Business Issues
BUSN09054 Knowledge Management Principles
BUSN09055 Leadership
BUSN09056 Project Management
BUSN09057 Strategy and Strategists
BUSN09069 Work Based Learning Three
BUSN09070 Management Decision Making
BUSN09077 Work Based Learning Three
BUSN09084 Professional and Academic Development 3
BUSN09085 Professional Development Experience Level 9
BUSN09086 Project Governance
BUSN09087 Strategising for Small Enterprises
DAAD09007 Projection Art
DAAD09009 Experimental Animation
DAAD09010 Creative Interventions
DAAD09011 Moving Image & Time-based Art
DAAD09013 Research in Creative Practice
FILM09001 Screen Adaptation
FILM09002 Digital Filmmaking A
FILM09003 Digital Filmmaking B
FILM09004 Critical Studies in Film
FILM09007 Producing Skills
HURM09002 Managing Performance & Reward
HURM09004 HRM Research Design
HURM09005 Critical Employment Relations
HURM09006 Professional Practice HRM
HURM09008 HR Systems & Analytics
JOUR09001 Research Methods
JOUR09003 Advanced Magazine Journalism
JOUR09004 Policy & the Organisation of Sport
JOUR09006 Newsroom Practice
JOUR09007 Broadcast Feature Production
JOUR09008 Journalism & Society
LAWW09002 Legal Research Methods
LAWW09015 Law of Employment
LAWW09018 International Human Rights Law
LAWW09021 Information and Communication Technology Law
LAWW09024 Practical Legal Learning
LAWW09027 Public Internarional Law
LAWW09028 Immigration and Asylum Law
LAWW09029 Contemporary Legal Issues 3
LAWW09030 Media and the Law
LAWW09031 Tribunal Skills
LNDN09001 Business Research Skills
LNDN09002 Strategic Management
LNDN09003 Critical Management Studies
LNDN09004 Digital Marketing
LNDN09005 Globalisation and International Business
LNDN09006 Marketing Communication
MARK09016 Marketing Communications Mix
MARK09017 Marketing Experiences
MARK09019 Digital Project
MARK09020 The Digital Business
MUSC09007 Work Related Learning
MUSC09009 Creative Music Product Design
MUSC09010 Recording For Media 3
MUSC09013 Advanced Music Production
MUSC09017 DIY Music
MUSC09019 Advanced Songwriting and Performance
MUSC09021 Music Research Practice
MUSC09023 Music in Everyday Life
PERF09004 Applied Theatre
PERF09011 Contemporary Performance in Context
PERF09012 Performance Contexts - Testing Ideas
PERF09013 Practice - Creative Festival
PERF09015 Digital Performance
PERF09016 Approaching Performance Research
PERF09018 Applied Theatre in Practice
TOUR09023 Researching Marketing, Tourism and Events
TOUR09024 Business Events and Tourism
TOUR09026 Tourism and Sustainability
TOUR09028 Experiential Event Design
TOUR09029 Managing People in Events and Tourism
TOUR09030 Sustainability & Ethics in Events
TOUR09031 Tourism, Transport and Mobility
TOUR09033 Heritage & Cultural Tourism
TOUR09035 Event Sponsorship and Resources